Clever Christmas Gifts For Awkward Family Members

Are you looking for clever Christmas gifts for awkward family members?

Gifts For Awkward Family Members, clever christmas gifts


Clever Christmas gifts for awkward family members

No, I don’t mean that the family members are actually awkward, (although they may be depending on your brood?!), but that they are awkward to buy for. Everyone has someone like that on their list, a great uncle Harold, second cousin Marge, or even a niece or nephew that you haven’t seen for years but still get something for and you can only guess at what they would actually like. Don’t panic though, because the purpose of this post is to help with some suggestions for the awkward ones. Just read on to find out what they are.


Gifts Ideas for Awkward Men

What to buy for the awkward men in your life? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not socks, and it’s not aftershave. The reason being they probably have a drawer full of these, all sealed and unused already. With that in mind, why not go for something a little out of the box.

Perhaps, awkward uncle Harold would appreciate a skydive?

Gifts Ideas for Awkward Men


The first suggestion is an experience day. This is where you pay for a voucher for a day out doing something that they would love. You can get all sorts of days including exciting adventures like skydiving, and more refined activities such as afternoon tea. You can even get vouchers for spa days, and although Uncle Haroldo might moan at first he’s received them he’s bound to come back relaxed, happy and almost normal afterwards!

The other top suggestion for the awkward man in your life is a something like these cheap number plates that can actually be personalised to your specification. These make such good gifts because personalised number plates are usually incredibly expensive and therefore usually gratefully received when given as a gift. The make particularly great presents for those super into their car or folks with funny nicknames that you can get emblazoned on the motor for the whole world to see. Do you like my gift ideas for awkward men?


Gift Ideas for Awkward Women

You probably think that as I’ve put the spa suggestion in the men’s section, whatever will the suggestions for the awkward ladies in our lives be? Well, for the girl’s spa and smellies aren’t that out of the box, so I want you to consider something different.

One good thing to consider is a subscription box that sends the mystery to solve each month! Alternatively, think about something humorous like an upside down wine glass or even a wine handbag, so they can sneak their favourite tipple in with them where they are? Hmmm. Do you have any gift ideas for awkward women?


Gift Ideas for Awkward Kids

Awkward kids are just a joy to buy for at Christmas, aren’t they? Like you life isn’t hard enough! Luckily there is always a few fallback items that you can pick from to ensure that you get it right. One of these is a board game, and with some hilarious options like Speak Out and Pie Face you are spoiled for choice. The second option that can work well for younger teenagers is something fun but educational. Think Science Museum kits, fun craft packs, or chemistry sets. The kids will learn something and have some fun, and if you are lucky, you will still have a living room at the end of it all so really everybody wins! 😉 I actually think guft ideas for awkward kids are great fun to source.


More…  Christmas Gifts For Awkward Family Members

So what do you think of my ideas for clever Christmas gifts for awkward family members? Do you have any to add? Who do you find it most difficult to buy for. What is the most clever Christmas gift you have ever bought? would love to hear all about your experiences so please do leave me a comment below.


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