Gifts for children to keep forever

Gifts for children to keep forever

My children both have treasure boxes which are filled with precious gifts they have been given since and before they were even born.

These aren’t necessarily expensive items but really meaningful keepsakes that will, I hope, delight them in old age, help them know how loved they were, help them piece together bits of their own history and of their family history.

Gifts for children to keep forever

In Frankie’s box there is this lovely first tooth/ first curl box that he received as a christening gift . Both huge massive steps in a little baby’s development and ones that marked his growth. I hope it makes him  smile when he is older and has his own children. I hope looks back in wonder at how very small and vulnerable he once was.

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Equally as precious is a spoon from my gorgeous great aunty Eileen who I adored. One of my granny’s four sisters. She was very posh and lived out in India in the 1950’s and 60’s . She played golf out there and actually came second in the All India Women’s open one year. An amazing achievement and of which she was ever so proud. She gave Frankie her winning spoon when he was born tiny but such a fighter. She fought for that victory and wanted to pass I think to pass on some of her  strength.

Frankie inherits too my dads racing trilby and his special Zippo lighter I bought him with his name on.  All safely tucked away for now in his treasure box.

My granddad’s pocket watch.

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In Annalise’s box is a precious box is a little exercise book filled on each line in the neatest handwriting by her gran. Before she dies Great gran  recorded her memories form her own child hood way back in 1910 through the war, her courtship and early married life. What an absolute treasure.

She has a fan from my great aunty Lily too.

A musical toy from my beloved Grandma who collected them.

Her first school report.

Both children have letters from their godparents to open when they are older and a letter from me explaining why I  picked these godparents.

My mum bought all her grandchildren a real gold sovereign when they ere born these too are in the treasure box.

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They each have their first money box and their christening scrolls.

Both boxes contain a baby outfit too.

In each box will also go a letter from me about how very much  I love them.

I plan to hand over the boxes on their 21s birthday. These boxes filled with precious gifts and history.

Gifts for my children to keep forever.






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