Giving Flowers

When I was a child, flowers were a permanent feature in our home. We were a poor family in many ways; no telephone or car, rented accommodation, hand me down clothes, no money for school trips and lots of financial worries.

 But luckily dad had many friends who worked on the markets and we always, always had fresh fruit and fresh flowers. To me these are a sign of a happy home full of natural goodness and life.

Every bunch of flowers my dad bought home to my mum was met with a smile.

I love to give flowers. I know they are transitory but they give huge amounts of pleasure

I love to send flowers to people on special occasions.

I have sent flowers on birthdays, on baby days, even to friends who just need a big hug.

I remember sending some to a special,vibrant lively aunty when she was very ill and she said they cheered her up so much and filled her heart and her home with colour when she had been feeling colourless.

To my lovey elegant great aunt before she passed away I sent a bouquet of pure white flowers made up of lilies, gypsophilia and roses and she adored them. She had a photo taken with them that I still look at now. I am so glad I sent her that gift. They were so perfect for her.

I know sending a bouquet of flowers isn’t always the cheapest gift options. I know they don’t last more than a week. But the feeling of being really cared about and special that someone experiences when they receive flowers is wonderful.

I remember being in the USA one summer when I was pretty penniless in my teens and a friend of mine had a wedding shower. Her family were very wealthy and many of her parents socialite friends attended this huge party held at a yacht club. The gifts she received were extraordinary, huge and expensive . I was astounded.  I gave her a single simple yellow rose to symbolise our friendship. She really loved that rose. It was a precious gift.


There is an old Chinese proverb that says

When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.

Some things may be transient, beautiful rather than useful, but still precious beyond measure and important to have in your home.

Giving flowers makes me as happy as the person I give them too.

There is another old Chinese saying that recognises this,

Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them.

They truly do.


The featured flowers in this post are all from the Fresh Flowers homepage

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