Going Green One Bit at a Time

Today – Going Green One Bit at a Time

If you try and make everything in your life more environmentally friendly at the one time then you could find it an overwhelming experience and end up giving up.

A far better idea is to go green bit by bit and this can be done in the following ways.


Going Green One Bit at a Time

Start off Cheap and Easy

You might start off thinking that going green is going to be an expensive business. There are certainly some changes you could make which might cost you a lot but there are plenty of other ideas which are either cheap or completely free. You could begin by going on the internet and looking for some low costs ideas. These will typically include such techniques as using less water in the shower, opening and closing your curtains at the right time to use less heating and similar ideas. There are more than enough of these things to keep you busy and to make you feel good about moving your lifestyle in the right direction.

Another thing to do is look out for energy saving grants such as the  affordable warmth scheme which will allow you to get a new boiler and carry or improve your home’s insulation for relatively cheap. Companies such as  Help-Link specialise in providing affordable heating solutions and can provide with a cheap energy efficient solution to your heating problems.

Think of the Time of Year

There are some green improvements which are going to be most welcome at certain times of year. For example, if you want to add a new heating system or a new boiler then you will probably want to have this in place in time for the winter season. Equally, if cycling to work is going to be one of your first changes then you will almost certainly want to do this when the good weather starts in spring or summer. By making your first green moves in the right season it will be a lot easier to make the changes bit by bit and to work out which ones to start with.

Think of Your Interests

One great way of being more environmentally aware is by matching some ideas to your interests and hobbies. If you like creating things, working in the garden or getting out into the countryside then it should be fairly easy to find some green initiatives which match these interests and are fun to do. Once you have done this you will be into the swing of green living and should find it easier to try out other approaches which perhaps didn’t appeal to you all that much at the beginning for one reason or another.



Take It Easy

There is no need to rush to have a completely green life. Obviously the quicker you do it the better but you don’t want to make bad decisions through rushing too much. Instead, you should try and get every step of the way just right in order to make it a sustainable, long term way of living. Take it easy and don’t get too stressed out if it takes you longer to do than you initially thought



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