Going Green: Why Consumers are Opting for Organics

Were you aware that the global marketplace for organic foods is currently worth over $553 billion dollars? This figure is also expected to astronomically rise in the future; great news for consumers and conscientious businesses alike. What are some of the reasons behind this trend? From the nature-friendly production of organic cane alcohol to the role of sustainability, there are actually numerous driving factors to consider. Let’s examine why the trend of going organic has recently taken on a life of its own.



Personal Responsibility

To be fair, many consumers have become concerned with their relationship to the environment. Part of this awareness involves how foods are sourced as well as the means used during their production. We are not only referring to hardcore vegetarians and vegans in this sense. Even average individuals are now beginning to appreciate how their spending habits and what foods they choose to eat can positively (or negatively) affect the world around them. Organically derived products deliver a sense of transparency that is not always possible to achieve when referring to commercial foodstuffs.


Products of a Higher Quality

Quality likewise plays a key role. For instance, manufacturers of organic alcohol will be held to higher standards in terms of production, labelling and distribution. These benefits can then “trickle down” to the average consumer. Not only will individuals be made aware of all ingredients, nature-friendly production methods are also embraced. Therefore, the presence of potentially harmful substances such as synthetic pesticides and fertilizers is no longer a concern. While it is indeed true that organically derived products will often cost slightly more, the majority of individuals consider this an acceptable trade-off.


The Spectre of “Big Business”

Yet another interesting facet of this equation involves how many consumers have become wary of the promises made by big businesses and multinational corporations. Organically grown and sourced products are often associated with localised methods of production and distribution; essentially cutting any middlemen out of the equation. This is the very same reason why larger corporations are beginning to tailor their advertising campaigns to embrace a more personalised appeal (with marginal results on many occasions).

Whether or not you are a fan of organic products, there is little doubt that the market is here to stay. In fact, you could be pleasantly surprised with the benefits of going green!



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