10 ways to go to the Cinema on a budget

Can you afford to go to the Cinema on a budget ?

I love to go the cinema but it seems increasingly to be an expensive treat. There are some ways to cut the cost of going to the cinema.



10 ways to go to the Cinema on a budget

Let’s have a look:

1) Don’t. Instead wait for the movie to come out on DVD this will save you a LOT of money.

2) Find your local independent cinema. These are often a lot cheaper and may be worth the little extra travel

3) Orange Wednesaday. On a Wednesday Orange offer it’s mobile and broadband customers 2 for 1 on cinema tickets at participating cinema (most participate)

You’ve got three ways of getting hold of your Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 tickets, and they’re all very easy.

1 Text ‘FILM’ to 241 and we’ll send you your ticket, pronto. Tickets cost
2 Call 241 from your Orange mobile or go
3. Online: Go to Orange World, select ‘Film’, then ‘Orange Wednesdays’.

As well as offering 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Wednesday, they’ve teamed  up to give you 2 for 1 pizzas in PizzaExpress restaurants across the country. you can also get free garlic bread, or some of those legendary dough
balls.All you need to do to get 2 for 1 at PizzaExpress is show your Orange Wednesdays text ticket when you order – yes, the very same text that you show at the cinema

4) Saturdays at CineWorld. At 10am on Saturday and Sunday mornings, selected sites offer 3 special Movies
for Juniors screenings with pre-show entertainment for our younger customers. All tickets are priced from £1.00 per ticket, and a child must accompany all adults.

5) Take your own juice and sweets bought from a newsagents…this can save £’s. Most cinemas don’t mind

6) If you can’t take your own juice and sweets agree with the kids to have something before hand or a little something after. No said you HAVE to eat at the cinema

7) Ask for cinema gift cards for you and your kids for birthday or Christmas presents. These  make great gifts much better than yet another plastic toy

8 ) Look at the times  you go: there is often an early bird rate for matinees, and cheaper seats before 5.30 pm. Have a good luck at pricing structures.

9) Keep your 3D glasses from film to film as these cost 80p each.

10) Try and walk to and from the cinema. You will be a long time sitting and this will save you a few bob!


10 ways to go to the Cinema on a budget should inspire you to have fun on a budget



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  1. Elaine
    July 20, 2012 / 10:31

    Great tips… we are going to check out the children’s screenings over the holidays as our local cinemas do them during the week then too.

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