Going Visiting? The Perfect Christmas Gift for a Family

If you are visiting a family over Christmas and are wondering what you could take along, rather than turning up with yet another poinsettia or box of chocolates, have a look at this Card Games Tin

Card games tin


It’s a bright and colourful tin that contains too over sized packs of playing cards and a booklet explaining how you can play 20- different games. How perfect for a family hour upon hour of entertainment.No ones going to ‘grow out of it’.

The pleasure will last a lot longer than  mince pies and at £9.99 this is excellent value. A while  ago I did a survey on games people remembered playing from their child. Cards with the family was mentioned time and time again. Card games unite all ages can be long or quick, skilful or down to luck.


card game tin

A cheap but highly valued gift with endless play potential.

These are available from Usborne


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