Good Old Fashioned Family Fun in Brighton

Brighton has long been associated with being a fun packed resort, even as far back as the 1800’s when people from London would journey down to the coast and have fun at the seaside. You might have travelled to Brighton yourself as a child, enjoyed the amusements, building sandcastles on the beach, eating fish and chips out of newspaper, stuffing yourself with candy floss until you felt sick and enjoying a donkey ride

These days Brighton has of course been hugely modernised, yet still retains its traditional south coast seaside resort charm. With beautiful beaches, stunning countryside surrounding the town and lots to do both in Brighton and the surrounding area, it’s a great place to holiday with the kids. So why not take advantage of the great prices available at the Travelodge in Brighton and head to this lively coastal town with the family for an action packed holiday. Some great things to do with the kids while in Brighton are:


 Photo: Tony Austin

Brighton Pier

It’s been a favourite with families visiting and living in Brighton for years. You might even remember how exciting (and nerve wracking) it is walking along a pier as a child yourself and your children will be no different, as they walk over the sea while peering over the edge and beneath the wooden slatted flooring, squealing as they go. The Pier, along with the Brighton Pavilion, are very much the iconic structures of Brighton and this pier has been around since the 1800’s, although in many forms thanks to some pretty serious storm and fire damage in the past.

These days it’s an attraction in itself with lots of rides, including some pretty fast paced ones, along with the more sedate traditional and children’s rides, two massive amusement arcades and plenty of places to eat and drink. You can even see the Isle of Wight if you make it all the way to the top of the Helter Skelter. A wonderful place to step back in time yet still be very much in present day Brighton.


Volks Railway 

The world’s oldest functioning electric railway is always a hit with the kids. You get to explore the famous Brighton seafront as people have for well over a hundred years, stopping off at some great attractions along the way, like the marina and the SeaLife Centre. Great for taking in the sights without having little ones complaining that their feet hurt and a rather different way to see the town too.


Children won’t be able to resist the numerous amusement arcades spread along the seafront in Brighton, the flashing lights and all those noises just seem to draw them in. There’s crazy golf, donkey rides, fish and chips and of course you simply can’t miss buying some of the famous Brighton Rock – it’d be a sin not to after all! So book your hotel, pack those bags and head to this fun packed seaside resort for a family holiday full of great memories and lots of fun.




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