Great Tips on How to Fight Fraud

Great Tips on How to Fight Fraud – I used to spend Christmas advent trailing shops with a purse full of cash. Nowadays I sit in my PJ’s and tip tap away at my keyboard, card in hand. I do the vast majority of my Christmas shopping on line, do you? I feel like I leave a trail across the internet of my bank card details and address. From time to time it does occur to me that someone could misuse this information.



how prevent fraud

Does this ever worry you?

The thought of someone else using my bank cards, assuming my identity and defrauding me in some way is a really scary one. We need the money we have and we work ods hard for it. I am lucky this has never (yet ) happened to me but I know my sister had her credit card details pinched once and someone booked a holiday! It was all resolved eventually but took a long time and was complicated and worrying. I’d really like to try and avoid that!

Apparently in the run up to Christmas shoppers are more at risk of falling prey to fraud than at any other time . I suppose this is because people are shopping more (and maybe rushing and less careful?) In response to this  NatWest have created the How to Fight Fraud tool which takes a look at the 11 most common types of fraud and provides tips on how to prevent it from happening.

Can you believe how much the annual cost to the UK is in online shopping fraud?


You can find out more about the How to fight fraud tool here

 The data has been supplied by the financial fraud authority and its’ aim is to make us aware and help us prevent this happening to us. Bit of an eyeopener isn’t it!

Keep safe this Christmas!

Do check out your platform to avoid fraud online


Written in association with Nat West



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