Guide to Moving House With Children – 5 Best Tips

Moving house with children – do you feel daunted!

Moving house is an exciting yet challenging time for anyone. Moving house with children can be even more of a challenge – but a rewarding experience. 

Preparation is key when moving with children and young people. Packing items separately, visiting the new house and using external storage are all ways that can help with the move. Below we look at some of the top tips for moving house with children. 


Moving House With Children


Moving House With Children  – Get Them Involved

One of the best tips for moving house with children of any age is to involve them in the process. Make them feel included and get them excited about the new home. help them pack their own belongings and ask them about their preferences for decor in the new home. 

Explaining the process and the reasons for moving – in a way that they will understand – will help them adjust. This can set them at ease, meaning they will be less confused and restless on the day. This not only helps them, but it can also help you have a far less stressful relocation!


Take Them to See the New Home

If possible, take your child or children to see the new home before you move. If you can’t go inside the home, just driving past can give them an idea of what lies ahead. Explain that this will be their new home. Point out the positives about the new home and location and the exciting adventures that are ahead. Try to spend some time in the new area too and visit local amenities, so they know what to expect. 


Keeping Track of Your Children’s Items when Moving House With Children 

In addition to careful packing and labelling boxes, external storage, such as container or self-storage, is especially useful if your family is between house moves. It can help you keep track of your children’s items and aid with decluttering.

It can help to show your child or children where their items are being kept. This can reassure them that they are safe and haven’t disappeared or been thrown away. You can assure them this is temporary and their items are “on holiday” until you reach your new home. 


A Note On Decluttering

A general moving tip is to declutter before you move. This saves time later on and can also save you money on your removal costs. Essentially, you don’t want to pay to move unwanted items. If you use storage, you also don’t want to pay for extra space for goods you’ll end up discarding. 

When decluttering children’s items, this may be more of a challenge. Your child or children may be attached to their toys and books and find them hard to let go. If there are any items they seem disinterested in, donation is a good way of passing these items on. 

Sit down with your child and explain that another child could get joy from the item. Explain how happy the items could make another person and how good it will feel to help others. This can help a child to let go of certain items. 


Plan Ahead

Ahead of moving day, pack a bag of essentials for your child. This can include:

  • A change of clothes
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Snacks and drinks 
  • Favourite toys and books
  • First aid kit (just in case!)

You should also keep special toys, books and clothes in a clearly labelled box. This can make the unpacking process a lot easier, but it also means cherished items are to hand. 


On The Day

Make sure you leave plenty of time to get them ready for the move. Make sure they are comfortable and entertained on the journey, especially if it is a long one. 

Once at the home, take them around the house and explain that this is where you will be living. Go with them to plan out their new room – get them excited about themes and decorating. At the same time, make sure they have familiar items around them. This will help them adjust to a new setting. 

Once everything is unpacked, take some time with your child to acclimate them to the new home. Spend time with them reading, crafting or baking – taking the time with them to reflect.

Finally, remember that every child will approach a move slightly differently. However, the tips above can help reassure your child during this big life event. When your child is calm and reassured, moving house will also be a lot easier for you. By taking these tips on board, you can look forward to a less stressful house move with your loved ones.


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