Guide to Renovating your Garden for Summer

With any luck, this summer looks like it might just be a good one. Now we can reunite with family, friends and all the people we have missed over the long months of lockdown, we can finally prepare for parties and fun.

If you are just as excited about welcoming your loved ones to your home this summer, it could be a great time to renovate your garden. Whether you intend to host a big bash, simple barbecue or an intimate al fresco dinner party, the perfect garden can set it off just right


Here is our guide to renovating your garden for summer.


Guide to Renovating your Garden for Summer



As with any renovation project, a garden renovation will cost money. It is so important to budget effectively for a garden renovation. Overspending can cause significant strain or leave you with an unfinished renovation that you are not happy with.

The size and scale of your renovation will determine how much budget you need for your renovation. Once you have set your budget, stick to it. Comparison shopping and doing a lot of the work yourself will help cut costs.


DIY vs Contractors

There will be some aspects of your garden renovation that you can probably do by yourself. If you are feeling really daring or poses the skills to do it, you might even do the whole project on your own.

However, getting a contractor in to do the work might make it easier and quicker. With summer just around the corner, consider how much time you must give to a DIY garden renovation before embarking on one.

Garden for Summer


You will likely already know how you want your garden to look like after its renovation. However, having a good plan in place will ensure you are happy with the result and the renovation goes smoothly.

Consider how you want to use your garden and how many people you will want to host when planning.



Your plan will inform the tools you need to complete your garden renovation. Some common garden tools might be enough to get the job done. For more complex renovations, you might need specialist equipment.

Diesel generators are a great tool to have on site, especially if you need to use power tools to complete your garden renovation. These are very helpful if you are planning on heavy duty landscaping.


Guide to Renovating your Garden for Summer


Sourcing the right materials is important. Will you want decking? Or paving? Which plants do you want to plant? You should also consider the materials such as screws and nails that you’ll need to complete your renovations.


Finishing touches

Finally, before you enjoy your garden renovation give it a good tidy up. Remove any signs of the renovation so your guests can enjoy your garden this summer.


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