Half term kids activities that won’t blow the budget!


Half term kids activities that won’t blow the budget


Half term kids activities that won’t blow the budget

Half term seems to come around quicker and quicker every term. For kids, it’s a time to kick back and be free from school for a whole week. For parents, it’s a time to get your thinking cap on and figure out how you’ll keep your children entertained for the entire time!

Thankfully, there are loads of different half term activities out there that are perfect for kids and families. Unfortunately, a fair few of these activities can be very pricey, which means you end up blowing your budget during this week!

But, it is possible to have a lot of half term fun without spending loads of cash. So, here’s our pick for the best activities that you don’t need to spend lots of money on, and you’re also teaching the kids the value of money at the same time!

Take your kids swimming

Half term is the perfect opportunity for your children to brush up on their swimming skills and is a great family activity. During a typical school term, you rarely get the chance to go out and enjoy some of the local attractions around you. One of those things is your local leisure centre. Every town has one, and they’re perfect for entertaining your kids during half term.

The best thing is, they’re very affordable to go to, and you can stay for as long as you like. So, your kids can enjoy swimming around in the different pools, playing on the slides, and possibly even messing around with inflatables. You can join them as well, or head to the cafe and watch from afar while taking a break!

Check out the local parks

This is probably the best thing you can do with kids, but you do rely on good weather. Thankfully, this February has been milder than most, so you can take your children outside without worrying about the cold air. Head to some of the great local parks around you, and they can have fun playing on the swings for free.

If you’re fortunate, then you might live next to a country park as well. There are plenty of these dotted around the UK, and they tend to offer a little bit more than a typical park. As well as larger play areas for kids, some will have petting zoos with animals, different areas where they can play games or go on small rides, and much more. Expect there to be plenty of additional activities during half term as well!

Go to the cinema

Cinemas have generally got extremely pricey over the last few years. But, half term brings some wonderful perks for kids and some super savings to be made! A lot of the top cinema companies – like Vue and Odeon – both have special mornings during the holidays. At Vue, they have Mini Mornings, where you can see certain films for under £3 for kids and adults. Odeon’s offering is Odeon Kids, where you can enjoy movies in the morning for a similar price.

There could well be some other good offers at local or independent cinemas in your area as well. So, it’s worth having a look around to see what you can take advantage of. Regardless, seeing a film is a brilliant way to spend a rainy morning when your kids are feeling restless!


Head to Hobbycraft

For those that don’t know, Hobbycraft is a store that sells pretty much everything you need for arts and crafts with kids. But, you’re not going there to stock up on supplies! Instead, you can enjoy some of the free workshops they run during half term. Unfortunately, they’re not in every store across the UK, but check the nearest one to you, and it could be a great activity to pass a few hours.

Kids love arts and craft type activities, so this is an excellent idea if you can find a store close enough to you. Plus, it’s free, so you don’t have to pay for anything other than petrol or train tickets.


Cook with them

You don’t have to head out to have a lot of fun with your kids this half term. In fact, some of the cheapest things you can do are right at home. Cooking is always a great option if you want a low-budget activity that will keep them engaged for a good hour or so. There are probably loads of recipes you can try, and most of them include store cupboard ingredients that you’ve already got at home.

The best advice is to choose things that are a little bit messy and get your kids involved. Baking cookies or cupcakes are perfect as there’s a lot of mixing involved, they can decorate them after, and the ingredients are all cheap and just sit in your kitchen for months.


So, there you have it; some activities you can do with your kids this half term that don’t break the bank. Give them a try if you’re stuck on ideas and have some screaming kids to entertain!


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