Halloumi, Houmous and Roasted Pepper Wraps

One of my new years resolutions was to be come a better cook. I  have been avidly reading Delia’s Vegetarian Collection and reading the very lovely foodie blog Life is Delicious

And I have also been trying a few new recipes.

I have to say I am a little boring when it comes to seasoning. Salt and pepper are definitely my fall back.

One of  my new years resolution however was to create new dishes and be a little more adventurous when it came to cooking so I was delighted when Schwartz sent me some of their herbs and spices to try.


Sunday is always a cooked breakfast for us so yesterday I rustled up scrambled eggs for my hubby and added a  couple of sprinkle of Schwartz oregano into the eggy cheesy milky concoction along with the usual salt and peeper. I was a little wary as I have cooked scrambled eggs exactly the same way for years.

My husband loved it though and thought the eggs had lots more flavour than usual. So a win for the oregano and so simple to just add this in and the prep stage!

Encouraged by this I decided to try the paprika!

Here’s what I made….

Halloumi, Houmous and Roasted Pepper Wraps



olive oil

wholewheat wraps

1 red 1 yellow pepper

1 large red onion

small carton of houmous (chilli houmous adds an extra kick)

handful of sliced cherry tomatoes

bag of shredded lettuce




Fry your halloumi sprinkled with Schwarz paprika on a medium heat in olive oil for about 12 mins (depending on thickness) check regularly and flip over to ensure it does not burn, but turns golden

In another frying pan, fry sliced pepper and diced onion until browning and soft

Spread with a generous dollop of houmous to wraps. Add shredded lettuce and slice tomatoes then top with the  fried onions and peppers

Roll the wrap and enjoy!


Fry your onions and liced up peppers till soft and browning slightly

We eat a lot of halloumi and I have to say both of us thought the paprika really made an interesting addition and we will most definitely use it again.

Why not have a look at all the flavourings available from Schwartz



Post written in collaboration with Schwartz recipes and opinions entirely my own


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