Happy Happiness Habits

happy happiness habits

Happy  happiness habits


Who doesn’t want their life to be filled with happy Happiness Habits?

However, we always live our lives in pursuit of happiness because we intentionally tangle our happiness with our long term goal. But, we fail to understand that happiness comes from within and everything else comes after that.

So, let’s look at these 10 ways to up your happy happiness habits levels and bring them into your life each day.

happy happiness habits

  1.     Happy Happiness Habits #1-  Be around joyful people 

Studies have shown that we tend to be happier when we are around joyful people. So, be in a company of individuals who can make you smile. Have you heard the phrase about how happiness is only real if it shared? Well I don’t quite agree with that but it is clear that is is certainly amplified with people who love us and want the very best for us so sharing our good news is one of those happy happiness habits we really should be embracing and practising to make our happiness louder!  ( It goes without saying that we do, of course, need to be great cheerleaders for other peoples happiness too!) 


  1.     Be optimistic

Being optimistic in true sense doesn’t mean you just stay positive and do nothing to achieve the outcomes you want. Instead, adopt the principle of realistic optimism where you have a firm belief that things are going to be great if you keep striving for it.


happy happiness habits


  1.     Doing things you love often –  is a great happy happiness habit

Maybe you find your peace being alone in nature, or love to hang out with your friends on weekends. Of course, you cannot do these every day, but try to do them every once in a while, this will surely make you happier.

Listening to the TED talk on happy happiness habits might be a great place to start


happy happiness habits

  1.     Be grateful

Starting your day with gratefulness, positivity, and smile will send signals to your brain to be happier all day. Remind yourself of the things that you are thankful for every day in the morning.


  1.     Get rid of toxic people

Toxic people will drag you down and make you feel miserable. Do a favour for yourselves and push them away from your life. Do everything in your power to avoid having any contact with such individuals.


  1.     Happy Happiness Habit #6 – Be responsible

Take the authority of every action that you perform in your day and be ready for its consequence. Soon you’ll realize that you have the power to consciously manipulate your actions throughout the day in order to become happier.


  1.     Make memories everyday – the best happy happiness habit

Treasure memories through daily little experiences like blowing bubbles with your kids in the backyard, silly jokes with friends, walking under the stars with your partner, preparing your favourite dish, and many more.

They are the true source of inner happiness. You might even want to record them in a happiness journal!


happy happiness habits

happy happiness habits


  1.     Take breaks – happy happiness habits indeed!

Taking breaks during work not only refreshes your mind but will also boost your productivity. Moreover, when you stay efficient during work, your happiness levels are bound to increase. Why not grab yourself a lovely cup of dandelion tea?


  1.     Set achievable goals

Setting simple goals and achieving them will bring you a lot of joy and happiness. A simple way to start is by setting small goals every day that you can achieve easily. When you fulfil them, you’ll get the motivation to set and conquer higher goals which ultimately leads to satisfaction, success, and happiness. Happiness is a choice – always.


  1.   Help others – the  best of the happy happiness habits

You can’t go wrong with this one!

A random act of kindness is guaranteed to make you feel happier. Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and shift your focus on helping others.

Instead of constantly worrying about your future, your happiness, your life, invest your energy in uplifting another person’s problem. This is a way more productive use of your time and it will surely make you as well as people around you happy.

Lastly, understand that your happiness is in your hands, try figuring out what works best for you and inculcate it in your daily routine to see amazing results. Happy happiness habits can make all the difference.

I would love to know what other techniques you use to stay happy throughout the day. Do drop your ideas inthe comments below I love to hear from you.


Happy Happiness Habits for kids and teens

A couple of my own books on happiness:

Be Happy Be You is a teenage guide to happiness. It contains 40 life lessons for teens looking at body image, self-confidence, healthy relationships, media literacy and so much more. It really is a dynamic and encouraging book.



My book Create your own happy is filled with happiness boosting tips and activities for kids aged 7-12



happy happiness habits


I also developed a resource to encourage Happy Healthy Friendships for kids


friendship cards


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happy happiness habits


What happy happiness habits do you have?


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