Hardwall Takker Review

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Our hardwall takker review

So have you heard of the Hardwall Takker?

If you haven’t I reckon you will soon. If like me you are a little bit terrified of electrical gadgets this is a really nifty alternative.


 You will have no more need for   for electric drills, wall plugs, screws, hammers, or nail because the  new Hardwall Takker is an all-in-one product that enables you  to hang everything from picture frames and mirrors, to plant pots, kitchen equipment, bathroom accessories and so much more. It is a hand-powered device that hangs up to 27lbs on to any hard wall device (without electricity)


It was that simple to use I was amazed. Really you just position and turn and the hole is made at the right depth for the Takks to then be inserted. The takks are stored in the handle and act as both nail and wall plugs.

Honestly it is just as simple as it sounds.I would never have used a drill but I will use this I feel safe and in control.


Hardwall Takker Review – final thoughts

The Hardwall Takker kit costs just £24.99 including post and packaging within the UK/Ireland and is available  at : http://www.takker.com/shop/hardwall-takker-multi-purpose-hanging-kit


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