Here Are The 6 Types Of Insurance To Get If You Have A Family

Research data shows that most of the population in the UK is largely uninsured despite the numerous benefits that can be associated with different types of insurance policies. Insurance policies are a way to protect yourself and your loved ones by guaranteeing financial indemnification in case an unexpected disaster occurs. To underscore the importance of insurance, it is important to remember that you cannot forecast or prevent disasters from occurring but a comprehensive insurance cover from a reputable company such as allows you to put in place mechanisms to financially protect those that you care about if and when disasters occur.

With that in mind, it is important to first mention that there are different types of policies available in the market designed to cover both tangible and intangible assets. The premiums that one is usually asked to pay by insurance vendors in order to keep their chosen policy(s) valid are usually dependent on a number of factors such as the items being insured, risk factors, and the validity period of the policy.

In the post below, we will explore some of the MUST-HAVE insurance policies for families.



 Types Of Insurance To Get If You Have A Family

Top Types Of Insurance To Consider Getting If You Have A Family

1. Life Insurance

This is a type of insurance cover that provides income for your dependents (read loved ones) in case you die. Life insurance is especially important if you have young children or if you are living with a spouse who doesn’t have an income.

Most insurance companies in the UK and across the world offer two types of life insurance; term and permanent insurance.

Term life insurance is a type of policy that is active for a limited span of time. The validity of this type of insurance is usually typically measured in years and it is ideal for people with young families who want some form of cover in place but don’t want the lengthy and expensive premiums that come with permanent life insurance.

Permanent life insurance lasts for a lifetime. This type of insurance is ideal for people looking to offer financial protection to their loved ones no matter when they die.

Term insurance is ideal for you if you know that your dependents may soon become financially independent while permanent insurance is best acquired if there is a possibility that your dependents will not have any source of income when you die.


2. Health Insurance

If you carefully look at the changes in the cost of getting treatment for any type of ailment over the years, then you will understand why you should get a health insurance cover for your family. The cost of getting quality treatment has soared over the years and the best way to avoid coughing up hefty sums of cash every time your loved one gets sick is to acquire a comprehensive insurance cover. With such a policy, your insurer will financially indemnify you for any costs you and loved ones accrue when receiving medical treatment.


3. Disability Insurance

With a family, the biggest asset you have is your personal ability to provide for your loved ones at all times. If you get debilitating injuries while working, the only way that your family can remain financially secure is if you have a valid disability insurance cover.

In most traditional employment settings, the employer usually has the responsibility of giving their employees disability insurance. However, if you are self-employed, you can also take out an individual disability insurance policy. Though the terms of each policy vary, with disability insurance, you can get over 50% of what you were earning on a monthly basis in case you can no longer work due to work-related injuries.


4. Property Insurance

If you have ever carried out a minor renovation on your property, then you know how expensive replacing possessions can be. No imagine having to rebuilt your home from scratch in case of a disaster. You guessed right… Without insurance, this can be next to impossible. Whether you already have a family or you are thinking of starting one, it is important to consider getting a comprehensive insurance cover for your property. Ideally, your policy should cover all types of disasters that may render you homeless in the blink of an eye such as fire and water damage, smoke damage, and even the workmanship of your home builder.


5. Vehicle Insurance

Across the UK, it is a legal requirement for all car owners to get their vehicles insured. If you own a car, ensure that you buy insurance not just to protect your loved ones but also other road users. Without insurance, your loved ones run the risk of getting arrested not to mention the hefty out-of-pocket fines that you will have to pay if any other road users get hurt while they are driving an uninsured car. It is also important to get auto insurance since it can help if you and your loved ones are injured while in an insured car. Just find out first if having children increases your car insurance cost or not.


6. Renter’s Insurance

If we are being honest, not everybody has the financial muscle to buy their own home especially when starting a family. If you and your loved ones live in a rental property, getting renters insurance is a great idea. Though the items covered by renter’s insurance policies varies, there some basics that you should ensure are covered within your policy. For example, your policy should cover personal belongings, living expenses, and, all items that you bring into the rental property.


Final Word

Getting insurance will help protect you and your loved ones in case you are in a situation where your earning capacity has been whittled down. Given that there are many insurance providers offering policies at different terms, ensure that you shop around before buying insurance so as to get the right deal at the best price in town.


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