Holiday lodges for your honeymoon

First of all, congratulations – how exciting it must be to be looking for the perfect destination for your honeymoon!

With locations dotted all over the world claiming to be the perfect honeymoon location, how about a staycation honeymoon?

Embracing the natural beauty of the UK, with no worry of flight delays or cancellations, changing your name on your passport, downloading boarding passes or having to pack under a certain weight limit.

What better way to celebrate saying “I do”?


When it comes to romance, a holiday lodge could be the ideal place – especially if the lodge includes a hot tub or is close to places perfect for watching the sunset.

With this in mind, we wanted to look further into some ideal locations worth considering when looking for a staycation honeymoon, as well as locations perfect to buy a holiday lodge – where you can visit and relive your honeymoon destination as many times as you’d like.


Holiday lodges for your honeymoon


Locations to Consider

  • Isle of Wight

Just a ferry ride away, you could escape the hustle and bustle and step onto a land of relaxation, exploration and tranquillity, while only being a stone’s throw away from mainland England.

Why would the Isle of Wight make the perfect place for a staycation honeymoon? With no interference from big city light pollution, the Isle of Wight is one of the best places in the UK to do a spot of stargazing. For romance during the day, there are many breathtakingly beautiful coastal walks with ideal picnic spots along the way or explore the world from above when travelling along the world-famous chairlift down to the beach from The Needles Landmark.


  • Cornwall

If a honeymoon with a mix of adventure and romance is what you’re looking for, Cornwall could be the ideal location for you.

With the Atlantic waves crashing towards the sandy beaches, many flock to the Cornish coast to ride the waves and embrace the natural elements of the ocean. But if you’d rather sit along the beach, there are some highly Instagram-able sand dunes, perfect for a beach-side picnic or to watch the sun fade out of sight.

Why would Cornwall make the perfect place for a staycation honeymoon? There’s so much to explore in Cornwall, with quaint little villages, The Eden Project, sand dune picnic spots, water sports and so much more, helping to create an adventurous, yet romantic honeymoon staycation.


Holiday lodges for your honeymoon


  • New Forest

Rediscover your sense of adventure as you take a step back from the bustling city life and head to the New Forest, home to rolling hills of heather and dense forest floors.

With wild horses roaming the lands for over 2,000 years, and ancient woodlands once wandered by William the Conqueror, deemed as mysterious as they are romantic, the New Forest is one of few places left in the UK where the ancient landscape has remained relatively unchanged.

Why would the New Forest make the perfect place for a staycation honeymoon? You can escape into the wilderness with your new spouse, exploring ancient lands that have been well kept and unaffected by the ever-changing world we live in. Indulge in romantic walks within the bluebells and forest floor floral delights, spotting wild ponies playing in open lands in the distance and finding the perfect place to set up for a picnic to celebrate your nuptials.

Will you be having a staycation honeymoon within one of the many lodges available up and down the UK, exploring the natural beauty and finding the perfect place to watch the sunset and celebrate as newlyweds?


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