Home Date Night Ideas – Cheap, Cheerful & Fun

If you are looking for Home date night ideas then what could POSSIBLY be better than a home movie night?


Home Date Night Ideas - Cheap, Cheerful and lots of Fun


Home Date Night Ideas

I am so excited to share these tips with you from Pick & Mix London Co-Founder, George Edwards, reveals five simple ways to bring Hollywood magic into your lounge room and all for less than £20.

1. Choose the right movie

This is perhaps the most important step because if you don’t like what you’re watching, chances are, your at-home movie night won’t last long! During these uncertain times, a comedy can be a great way to lighten the mood (and is enjoyable for parents too!) or a simple search on IMDb will help you decide if the movie is right for you and your family.


Home Date Night Ideas


2. Set the mood

By setting the lights on a low brightness or using a light in another room (make sure they’re not completely off!), you can help to replicate the cinematic experience. You can also optimise your picture and sound quality with a quick web search of your TV settings.


Home date night ideas


3. Get comfortable

Textiles are really important, especially in winter, so before you hit play – layer pillows, throws and blankets and relocate to a comfortable couch or mattress on the floor. 


4. Load up on sweets & savoury

You can now recreate your favourite moments from your childhood by filling up on the likes of fizzy strawberry pencils, chocolate jazzies and cola bottles which are available from Deliveroo London in as little as 20 minutes or next day delivery UK-wide. Can’t decide? Why not try Pick & Mix London’s movie night bundle




5. Choose the right company

A night at the cinemas is always best enjoyed with friends so why not recreate this at home? Plan ahead – set a time to hit play on your favourite movie and connect with friends on one of the many online meeting places like Zoom or Google Hangouts. But remember you still have to have cinema etiquette even though you’re at home!



What do you think of these home date night ideas..are they something you would try?


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