Home Makeover Inspiration on Pinterest

Today – Home Makeover Inspiration on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest?


Home Makeover Inspiration on Pinterest

Home Makeover Inspiration on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing FREE resource to help you plan how you want your home to look. If you are new to Pinterest all you need to do is go to pinterest.com/ and follow the instructions.

Once there you can create a ‘board’ for something you are interested iin. I have boards for inspiring quotes, thrifty food, my home makeover on a budget and then I search for idea. To search for ideas I simply type into search what I am interested in..e.g upcycling and then lots and lots of ideas pop out at me.  I can then group together ideas I like on to my own virtual notice board.

I’ll give you an example. I have a thrifty parenting board. I searched for upcycled prams and I found  an image

Completely inspired I then ‘pinned ‘ it to my thrifty parenting board. You do the same with ideas for a room. Today I am going to create a whole board related to how I want our playroom to look . I am going to search for storage in the colours I want e.g white bookcases and Red storage tubs and see if I can put a board together of the look I am after.

Clear as mud?

If you haven’t used pinterest before pop on and have a look round and a play. It is a bit addictive I would set a timer.
But for inspirational ideas on a budget it cannot be beat.

There is a brilliant competition going on at the moment to win a £300 furniture voucher just by creating a pinterest board to show/explore you would want your lounge to look.

Just pop on over to Love Chic Living for the rules for a Home Makeover Inspiration on Pinterest  . Comp closes 28/2



OOh I do have to tell you I have been nominated or Pinterest UK awards 2019 – do pop over to my A beautiful space blog to find out more




  1. Chris Stillwell
    January 31, 2013 / 14:59

    Looks like an interesting competition. I have to admit I’ve neglected Pinterest since first having a play with it just after it launched. Having just moved home the prize would definitely come in handy.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. January 31, 2013 / 17:44

    I totally agree with you Becky, Pinterest is such good fun and sooooo addictive. And thank you for mentioning my competition 😉

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