Home Makeover on a Budget: Girls Bedroom Part 1.

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Well we finally come to our ‘problem bedroom.’ This is the one I am most pleased to makeover but the one that I feel quite confused about.

Annalise is 5 but is still sleeping in an extending bed set at cot bed size (luckily she is little! )  her bedroom is so tiny it cannot fir a single bed. Trouble is she is nearly 6 and has started to grow a spurt. A fe weeks ago she had a friend home for tea who asked her why she still slept in such a little bed. It bothered her as she like sto think shes a big girl and we need to accept that too! (I don’t find that easy!!)

Soour main purpose with this room was to give Annalise a proper size bed. She also needed us to free up as much space as possible.


Would you like to take a look at her room?

This is the rather huge stairbox in Lisi’s room which prevents her having a full size bed. She just stuffs her stuff on it and it just looks a mess.

Lisi’s little desk and bookcase both of which she adores and are ‘must keeps’, As usual I am sure you can spy some serious decluttering is required, This does appear to have been a common theme throughout this home makeover doesn’t it!


and here is her tiny bed. Oh my. Do you see what I mean? At the end of the bed you can see the stair box which shows how no other bed is going to fit in that space . We need a plan.

Luckily we have a them already flowers and butterflies which was chosen by Annalsie after browsing through Vertbaudet’s catalogues and online store. She wants her bedroom to be like a ‘pretty garden’.

She likes pink lilac and white.

Her inspiration came from browsing the children’s bedroom themes at Vertbaudet and doing a little pick and mix of items she liked best:

Little ParadiseCosy CottageTake Flight

So we have a start.

We know our problems, we have our colours and Annalise has created her theme. We will be back next week with a moodboard and a space solving plan (I hope!)




  1. May 5, 2013 / 09:53

    Great inspiration, having seen what you have done to you other rooms, I cant wait to see the results! Good Luck 🙂

  2. September 6, 2019 / 17:21

    It only proves that amazing makeovers on a budget are more than real!

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