Home Makeover on a Budget: The Lounge (Part 2)

So in part one of my budget lounge makeover I showed how dingy and cluttered and rather unloved it was looking. I didn’t really know where to start.

Jen (from love chic living) advised me to have a good look around Achica’s website and pick out a variety of items that I liked. Achica are the sponsors of our lounge makeover and are provding some products to help revamp it. It was very easy to find items I liked. Achica sell designer brands in homeware in short term ‘sales’ and they have the most amazing collection of lovely items for the home. It was narrowing down my choices that was hard.

Jen also encouraged me to pick out what I aready liked out my lounge. I liked:

  1. the red sofas
  2. the neutral carpet and
  3. all the colours of the books we have.

I do like colour, not patterns so much, but bright, cheerful colours.

Jen then encouraged me to pick 5 key words that summed up the style I liked  I chose:

Warm, Cosy, Modern Vintage, Sophisticated, Primary Colours,

She them pulled together the items I liked at Achica, items I had already that I loved and incorporated my keywords and created this moodboard (she is very clever!)

The lamp and pictures were definately right and these were promptly ordered.I thought it was amazing. I didn’t love the rug (too patterned and dark) and the yellow was a bit more mustardy than I like but this gave me a really good idea and starting point for deciding what I wanted. I also decided the room needed more light so a mirror was also added along with a really super, funky chair that unbelievably cost just £17.99. Would you like a sneaky peek of the chair?

The Dutch Design Chair I bought for my lounge from Achica  is truly gorgeous and fits in absolutley perfectly  with the reds and oranges in my lounge. At a teeny tiny £17.99 it can seat up to 2000kgs, is made of corrugated cardboard so very environmentally friendly’s and I think it makes fabulous, quirky additional seating.




It was so easy to self assemble and look how well it co-ordinates with the seating I already had!

achica chair, budget lounge makeover, budget makeover

I love that we got an easy to store, coordinating design chair for less than £20. The sale has now gone from Achica (they only last a few days) but it shows just what unusual, individual pieces you can snap up from their furniture  department

The chair comes in map patterns, pebbles, wood and so may more designs. They even come as gift boxes that convert into chairs!! I love them.

It just shows how a little outlay can really pull a theme together.  I will show our other key piesces form Achica at the final reveal.

Next time its all about stripping back the room, decorating and really thinking about what to do with all the ‘stuff’ we have and how best to spend our budget.

home makeover ona budget

The Family-Budgeting lounge makeover is sponsored by Achica



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