Homes and garden: spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

spring cleaning mistakes to avoid


Homes and garden: spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

Each and every spring we choose to tackle big cleaning projects, to emerge from winter ready to embrace and enjoy summer’s long days and warm weather. As we look forward to reuniting with friends and family this spring and summer, the annual spring clean has taken on a whole new resolve: to make our homes enjoyable for social gatherings once more.

Although we clean our homes regularly throughout the year, the spring clean often becomes a mammoth task that takes a whole weekend or longer. Nevertheless, bad cleaning habits build up over time and many of us are making the same cleaning mistakes over and over.

Get your spring cleaning perfect this year and avoid making the following mistakes.


Using the wrong products – spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

Often when we clean, we reach for a one-size-fits-all cleaning product to use on all surfaces. Beyond leaving streaks and smears on glass and worktops, using the wrong products on wood and natural surface could actually damage them in the long run.

Take your time when choosing cleaning products. Select ones that match your surfaces such as marble cleaner for marble countertops, wood or metal polish and floor cleaner that suits your flooring.


Not prioritising tasks effectively  – spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

Cleaning habits, like any other habit, become entrenched in us over time. Be that as it may, your regular cleaning routines might be making it harder to keep your house clean. For example, sweeping up with a dustpan and brush should be done after hoovering and dusting to ensure you get all the dust up.

If you are feeling dissatisfied at the result of your cleaning, make a list of all the tasks you completed and see if they need re-prioritising.

Shine Bright MV House Cleaning  can do your Spring cleaning for you if you are busy or it is juts not your thing. It doesn’t matter who does it but getting it done is the key.


Cleaning with dirty tools – more spring cleaning mistakes to avoid

One of the most common mistakes people make when cleaning their homes is cleaning with dirty tools. It is important to wash your dust cloths and sponges regularly but you should also be cleaning broom heads, vacuum cleaners, mops and squeegees just as often.

Not only will cleaning with clean tools improve the end result of your spring clean, but it will improve your home’s overall hygiene as well. Making it clean and safe for your family and friends.


spring cleaning mistakes to avoid


Keeping up with cleaning

Spring cleaning often feels like the final task of winter before we can enjoy ourselves all summer long, but it is important top stay on top of your cleaning, so you get the most out of the warm summer months.

You don’t have to do a deep clean every weekend, just ensure you stay on top of tasks throughout the week and you will have plenty of time to enjoy your clean home in the evenings and at weekends.  


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