House Move In Checklist

Do you have a house move in checklist?

It can hugely help keep you on track to be organised and thorough in your planning. I have  a little house move in checklist here that I think will really help with your move. Let’s take a look at the things you need to consider having on our list.


House Move In Checklist

House Move In Checklist


Put Decluttering on your House Move In Checklist

You do not want to move home taking all your stuff that you no longer really want with you to your  new home. Do make a it a priority to find the time to do a really good declutter before you move. You will then pack more lightly and only have all that is beautiful or useful to UNPACK at the other end. 



Get a few removal quotes and get a great removal company

Do check out Sirelo if you are looking for a removal quote. 

 At Sirelo offers users the opportunity to request multiple removal quotes, and allows them to leave reviews once they have completed their move so you really get to see which removal companies do deliver wheat they promise

Sirelo connect those who want to move with the removal companies that best match their needs and this makes everything run more smoothly.


House Move In Checklist


Clear your diary so you can complete your House Move In Checklist

 Do not squeeze in the time to move and do it with massive rush and stress.

Instead don’t panic, clear your diary and give moving day your focus and attention. This will enable you to move without too much stress and with clarity and focus. If you have kids arrange for someone else to have them for a while so they aren’t in your face and space whilst you are trying to get sorted and you aren’t having to worry about keeping them safe or occupied.


All hands on deck

Do ask friends and family to help you pack and move and clean and redecorate wherever possible. it can be a lot of fun and it an make everything so much easier when you are not try to do everything by yourself.


Keep your eye on the prize when working through your House Move In Checklist

Moving house can be super stressful and all manner of things can go wrong. From late transfers of paperwork to missing keys, to not being able to find the kettle and the rain, moving house can be messy! 

You can minimize your fraughtness by decluttering, getting a great removal company and clearing your diary as suggested  above, but actually the biggest key to coping is mindset. 

 If you can keep your eye on the prize and focus completely on having a lovely new home at the end of all these moving house steps and frustrations you can keep positive and it wont seem quite so tiring or irritating. Not everything will run smoothly but if you keep a clear vision of your new home firmly in your mind you will be able to handle the challenges that come your way.


House Move In Checklist

House Move In Checklist


Oh and lastly. keep your kettle, teabags, sugar, a mug and a small pint of milk in a special separate box so at any point you can grab a cuppa when you need one moving day.


House Move In Checklist is a collaborative post 


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