How and where to find high quality second hand clothes for your children


When it comes to shopping second hand, make sure you’re making the most of your clothing budget, however big or small your brood. When you shop second hand, you free up your budget considerably – letting you kit out a kid’s wardrobe for a whole season or more on next to nothing, or treating them to designer indulgences at vastly reduced prices.

Online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon continue to lead the pack for used and as new goods in category, but are especially good for second hand clothing whether you’re bidding, buying or just looking around for a great deal. Network on dedicated sites and forums for trading products, or hit the stores for an ever-refreshing offering of first-rate second hand fashions from charity shops and retailers.

Make a Serious Discount on Designer Labels

Although they’ll be priced at a slight premium, second hand shopping means you can snap up designer labels at a huge discount, giving you a much more flexible budget whilst treating their wardrobe to some serious designer style with quality craftsmanship that’ll ensure plenty of wear.

Bargain Bundles

Everyone indulges a new arrival, so expect to find plenty of bundled listings online with barely used or as new clothing. Independent sellers with a big inventory just want to get their stuff shifted fast, so bundled sets of clothes, footwear and accessories are a great way to make the most of your budget if you’re looking to kit out their wardrobe with all the staples.

Online sellers can sometimes have entire wardrobes of clothing to shift, so make a saving on shipping and total with a bulk order discount. You’ll unearth plenty of fantastic deals on second hand designer kids clothing bundles, with everything from cotton vests to splashsuits. Make a huge discount on second hand or never worn listings of wardrobe basics like socks and underwear, tops and t-shirts, jeans, skirts and denim.

Hit Up the High Street

Don’t forget the high street when you’re on the hunt for quality second hand clothing. It’s a mine of charity stores, resale merchants and independents, all offering a range of premium used clothing with an ever-changing inventory.

Nothing beats being up close and personal with your item before making a purchase, particularly important when buying used and previously worn goods. Getting to grips with the product gives you a good guideline of its quality, saving you the disappointment of an oversold online purchase.

Charity shops and independent stores nowadays tend to offer the full retail experience, with accessible displays and interiors, complete with fitting rooms so you know you’ve got a garment that fits. Online retailers do offer flexible return policies on most orders, but when it comes to getting your kids kitted out fast, the old school shopping trip is second to none.

Depending on your budget, wholesalers are a great destination for picking up quality used clothing at incredible discounts. You’ll find designer labels and favourite brands, with garments sold by the item, or by the kilo.

It’s now easier than ever to shop second hand designer clothes online. Find designer labels in-store and online, get the school uniform sorted with serious savings, and get them kitted out in designer styles all year round.



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  1. April 21, 2016 / 08:21

    Second hand shopping is a whole lot better. We can save a lot of money by second hand shopping.

  2. June 15, 2016 / 06:19

    Great Share!

    I have bought second hand clothing couple of times, its is true that it saves lot of money but I didn’t find the stuff and quality up to the mark. I realised that instead of buying second hand, its better to add some amount more and go for the new clothing which is far superior.

  3. September 29, 2016 / 13:49

    Fantastic article! When I want some second-hand designer clothes, I go for Hardly Ever Worn It.

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