How Buying Home Furnishings Online Can Save You Money

Today – Buying Home Furnishings Online Can Save You Money

Home furnishings have traditionally been expensive items that you buy in big stores such as Dunelm, Homebase and IKEA, but with the growth of the internet and E-Commerce business you can save money by shopping around for furnishings online rather than taking a trip to the highstreet.


How Buying Home Furnishings Online Can Save You Money


How Can Items Be Cheaper to Buy Online?

This is really simple, when you visit a high street shop, that shop has various overhead costs such as rent, staff wages and bills for every store location, but online only businesses don’t have to take on additional costs of running store when they work out their pricing schemes. This means that these online businesses can sell the same product for less and still make a similar profit on each sale.

Online home furnishing businesses will also sometimes show a price comparison of their costs vs high street costs, for example, DotcomBlinds are a made to measure blinds retailer, on their website they have this page, which compares the cost of their blinds to blinds from a high street brand and regularly post up to date comparisons to show you how much you can save.

Also, when looking around online, it is far more easy to compare prices than in a real shop, rather than walking store to store checking prices, a simple Google search of what you want to buy will bring up hundreds of listings and let you quickly find what online shop has the cheapest product.


How Can You Save Even More Money Online?

So we’ve already established that shopping online will usually be cheaper than shopping in store, but how can you save even more money when shopping online? We have the answers for you!

There are many tools online that you can use to cut down on the cost of your home furnishings and we’ll run through 2 of the best of them.

Honey – Honey is a browser extension for your web browser of choice and can save you lots of money at the checkout. When you have Honey installed, whenever you get to a checkout Honey will pop up for you and scan the internet for voucher code ands try to apply them, it will always use the voucher code that saves you the most money, so you can save big time every time you buy. – is a website that tracks the price of products at 100s of webstores, all you need to do is sign up and simply put in what products you want to buy, will then track the price of the products you track and then alert you whenever the price for the item drops, allowing you to pick up products at a cut cost, when used in tandem with honey, you can get some insane savings.


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