How can pregnancy affect your vision?

Today – How can pregnancy affect your vision?

There are so many myths and old wives tales about health and pregnancy it is really useful to find out the fact from fiction and hear how it really is from the experts.

I have found it absolutely fascinating to find out how pregnancy affects your vision. I don’t recall having any specific problems myself with my eyes during my pregnancy. However, I did get absolutely terrible headaches when I was pregnant for the second time with my daughter. They were debilitating and upsetting and they were fairly frequent too. I was so light sensitive too. But they pretty much went way just as soon as she was born.

Someone told me I got headaches because I ate too many bananas, someone else said I got them because I was anxious, another because I was still working. Everyone has a theory about your health when you are pregnant don’t they?

I put the headaches down to my hormones at the time and actually 8% of the women surveyed by Vision Direct said they experienced headaches too so really its not uncommon. If you look at the results of the survey in the infographic below it shows that over a quarter of women actually changed their prescription changing during pregnancy. I do wonder if they thought their headaches were down to wearing the wrong glasses?

So should I have changed prescription to ward off those headaches?


How can pregnancy affect your vision?

An interesting infographic from Vision Direct UK reveals how pregnancy affects your vision.


How can pregnancy affect your vision ?

The experts at Vision Direct say pregnancy is not a time to change prescription or even consider eye surgery. They also say if you have bad headaches actually you should consult a physician, as these headaches are probably due to hormonal changes.

It is so interesting to see how pregnancy affects our eye health in such a myriad of ways.

And it is always better to listen to the experts. Bananas indeed!


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