How Did CBD Oil Come to be?

You’ve probably seen several CBD products out there. But do you wonder how this excellent product was revealed? From its ingredient constituents, you are aware that it is derived from the cannabis plant.

This oil has so much potential and comes with over 100 distinctive cannabinoids, most of which have changed how we look at cannabis science. Let’s have a brief history of how cannabidiol oil came to be and why it is essential to our lives.


How Did CBD Oil Come to be?

The Discovery of CBD

Cannabis extract dates back to 2737 BC. It was first used by Sheng Neng, a Chinese emperor who infused it in his tea to counter malaria, memory loss, gout and rheumatism illness. In 1939, an Irish medical researcher and physician, William B. O’Shaughnessy initiated the study, which looked deeply into cannabis therapeutic effects. This marked the initial cannabis medical application research.

William focused highly on the cannabis rudimentary effect, primarily the anaesthetic application. Irish research did not realise the impact back then, but it paved the way towards compound discovery.

The Birth of Cannabidiol 

Through advanced technology and research, it was revealed that there exists a valuable compound within the plant. In 1940 Robert S. Cahn, also known as the “godfather of cannabis research”, identified the fully formed structure of CBD.

In 1963, Roger Adams, an American chemist, managed to isolate Cannabidiol as the first cannabinoid. It is through his research that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was discovered.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

Technology and research knowledge built a name for CBD and THC. Even though it was faced with controversies due to the recreational use of marijuana, sites like have helped to spread awareness of the possible medicinal benefits that came with the use of CBD oil. They include:

● It relieves Anxiety: CBD alters how one brain receptors react to serotonin hence managing your anxiety.
● Reliefs you from pain: Cannabis has been used to relieve pain and cure other illnesses since 2700BC. CBD oil impacts endocannabinoid receptor activities which in turn reduce pain and inflammation.
● Reduce acne formation: Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil help to reduce the production of sebum hence reducing the formation of acne.
● Improves heart health: Recently done research indicates that CBD oil can help lower high blood pressure.

There are several studies laid down to investigate the potential benefits of CBD oil. It is known to ease symptoms of various ordinary health issues like depression, anxiety, heart diseases and much more. The CBD oil research dates way back, and it’s still ongoing, which means there are more natural remedies to be discovered.

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