How Do I Know It’s Time to Install New Windows?

How Do I Know It’s Time to Install New Windows?

How Do I Know It’s Time to Install New Windows?


All good things must come to an end. That applies to your home’s windows as well as many other aspects of your life. Since there is a time to make repairs and a time to invest in replacements, how do you know when you need new windows?


How Do I Know It’s Time to Install New Windows?

Here are some tips that will help you decide if you should call one of the Vancouver best window firms or if you can wait for a little while longer.


Some of the Windows Stick

There was a time when all of the windows worked perfectly. Those days are history. A more likely scenario today is that several of the sashes require the strength of ten to pry them open by even a small margin. That can be maddening when you want to let some fresh air into the house but spend ten minutes tussling with a sash before you see any results.

Stop putting yourself and your blood pressure to the test every time you want to let some air in the house. By replacing the old windows, you can once again open and close the sashes whenever you like without running the risk of developing a hernia.


How Do I Know It’s Time to Install New Windows?


Others Won’t Stay Open

It’s bad enough that opening some windows is almost impossible. The fact that others open easily but refuse to remain that way is equally frustrating. Imagine opening a window and it seems to remain in place until you get into the other room. The sound of a crash causes you to run back to see what took place. If you’re lucky, the glass didn’t crack or shatter when the sash came crashing down.

New windows would eliminate this issue too. It would also mean that your nerves have one less reason to get rattled. See the replacement project as being good for you in more than one way.


Drafts Occur Even When The Windows Are Close

Even when the windows are closed, they still pose a problem. During the hotter and colder months, there are drafts that make it more difficult to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. You’ve tried weather stripping and other solutions, but there are still tiny cracks and gaps that allow air to seep inside.

Remember that the drafts do more than keep the interior harder to heat or cool. They also lead to higher utility costs. By choosing to replace those old windows, you get control back and also lower your monthly energy bills.


The Cost of Repair is Greater Than the Cost of Replacement

In some instances, older windows can be repaired. That may work find depending on the age and the general condition of those windows. At other times, you may find that repairs would be almost as much and possibly even more than replacing every window in the home.

When the latter is the case, don’t throw away good money trying to repair something that won’t last much longer anyway. New windows will end up being the more practical solution in the long run.

Now that you have good reasons to move forward, call a Surrey local replacement windows company and start selecting the ideal style and features for your home. It won’t take long to begin enjoying quite a few advantages once the new windows are in place.


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