How does Swagbucks work?

Okay so I am getting into my Swagbucks challenge and here is what I have learned about how I can earn more. Remember the more swag bucks I earn the more change I have of winning the tots 100 Swagbucks  challenge and the more prizes I can redeem them for.

Have you signed up yet to see what it is all about?

If you sign up whatever you earn helps me earn,  and so on for you when you refer somone. From what I can see that way we are all winners. Simply click on this link if you are interested in having a look at it and having a go. It costs nothing.

What I most like most about Swagbucks so far is there is no financial outlay and no spam!! Makes a nice change.
I have found it quite time consuming at a time when I’m time short so I probably won’t win 🙁   but it is definitely fun and I figure the longer you do it the less time consuming it would be, for example am using search really easily now from the swagbucks toolbar and this would just become habit.

These are all the different ways to earn….Wow! So far I have found it most easy to use search and to do surveys and they reap pretty good swag bucks Oh and I like finding the special codes too.

Here are the other ways you can earn

Searching the Web
Watch Videos
Trusted Surveys
Inviting Your Friends to Join
Shopping in our Shop & Earn Mall
Completing Special Offers
Voting in the Daily Polls
Finding Swag Codes
Sending In Prize Photos and Videos

So a good mix and some of those things you’ll be doing already right.

Why not have a peek…?


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