How Hospitals Can Adapt to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Today – How Hospitals Can Adapt to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

How Hospitals Can Adapt to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic


How Hospitals Can Adapt to Tackle the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the days pass, humanity is still struggling to control the further spread of the coronavirus. Many countries are now feeling the impact of the pandemic and various sectors are now at a risk of facing a serious crisis. Among the many sectors affected, the health sector seems to be the one that is feeling the most impact of the virus. At the moment, many countries are focusing on saving precious human lives, making the health sector critical. Below are the ways hospitals in the UK will change to deal with the pandemic.


Hotel Room or Hospital Ward?

Unfortunately, many people are being affected, and the number of those who need to be hospitalized is increasing alarmingly. As the hospitals keep being overwhelmed with the number of people admitted, the need for more space is being noticed. The government is looking for new ideas to help the NHS contain the rapidly-growing number. The government is currently considering using hotel rooms to ease the pressure on hospitals.

What made the government consider using hotel rooms for additional space is the fact that there is a large number of hotels and they are currently inhabited. Since building a permanent building to act as additional hospitals may cost a lot and take valuable time, the government should highly consider using semi-permanent structures made by companies like Smart Space to aid in providing the much-needed space.


NHS or Private Hospitals? 

The government is trying many ways to ease the pressure on the NHS, and the coronavirus pandemic has caused many people to seek medical care, so hospitals are now becoming overcrowded. Although the NHS might have the required number of doctors and other staff that is needed to fight the virus, important hospital devices like beds are becoming scarce. Many are asking the government to use the many beds in private health institutions to help the NHS, who needs them as we face this pandemic. Though the government is willing to buy beds from private hospitals, some are asking private health institutions to give the NHS the beds and other needed hospital equipment for free as the country is facing a public health emergency.


Ventilators Made at Car Factories 

At the moment, ventilators are high in demand in various countries. Like other countries, the UK is experiencing a shortage of ventilators. Ventilators are crucial in helping those affected by the COVID-19 virus to survive. Many car factories are being considered by the government to help in the creation of more ventilators when the need arises.

New and Old Staff

Sadly, the situation keeps getting worse as time progresses. It seems the government would have to take drastic measures to win the fight against the coronavirus. At the moment, doctors are valuable in saving lives. As the number of those infected keeps increasing, more doctors will be needed. The UK health secretary hinted that at some point, the government would have to ask recently-retired doctors to help gain control of the situation.


Sadly, the situation seems to be worsening as time goes on, we need to find new ways to adapt as we fight this pandemic. Since hospitals are being overwhelmed with the increasing number of patients, the government should highly consider using temporary structures since they are so easy to assemble.


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