How I saved £108 this week


Do you want to know how I saved £108.50 this week?

I have had an absolutely awesome week full with a charity briefing, an award ceremony and a book launch! Let me tell you how I saved money this week

  1. I wanted something new to wear (but did not want to spend much) I picked up a lovely tip form the George sale for £5! bargain and I felt good. Saved me about £20 on my usual ‘new top ‘ purchase
  2. The charity I am supporting had just a limited budget for travel so with a time joggle I squeezed my train fares into their budget. Always worth looking at train times as a little jiggle with times can make a big difference. This saved me having to fork out about £30 of my own money.
  3. I have a bad habit of buying magazines at train stations. This time I planned ahead and downloaded a movie from Netflix to my ipPad ahead of time. Saved me about £4. Plus an I had a coffee BEFORE my trip at home and just took my own water bottle with me saving a further £3.
  4. I wanted to buy my friend some balloons for her book launch and was looking at a gorgeous congrats one for £8. The chap at the counter in Morrisons said we do have another range you know. £4.50 later I had 3 lovely helium balloons ready to go. A £3.50 saving.
  5. Last but not least my doctor subsidised a 2-month gym membership for me for £28 due to my health condition rather than £38 a month regular fee saving me a whopping £48. And I’ve been lots and loved it.

So a grand total of £108.50 in potential savings by ‘tweaking.’  Fabulous.

How has your week been?


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  1. March 24, 2019 / 23:25

    Good example of how just a few “tweaks” can make a big difference!

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