How learning watersports transforms your family’s life

Watersports are hugely versatile with plenty of activities to have a go at. You can throw yourself into more extreme activities like wakeboarding, or keep it steady with stand-up paddle boarding, which is also a watersport in its own right.

The participation rate in watersports in the UK has fluctuated over the years, which could likely be due to unpredictable weather. Accessibility to watersports activities is another factor, which is why for some families wanting to give it a go, a family activity holiday abroad could be ideal. There are endless benefits to getting into watersports when it comes to improving your family’s well-being. Here are some examples.


Developing new skills and confidence

There’s no limit to the skills you can develop in watersports. Balance, technique, coordination, strength – the list goes on. No matter how advanced the members of your family are, there’s something you can work on every time you get out on the water. Watersports can be a great way of conquering fears that might have been holding people back, such as water-related fears.

learning watersports transforms your family's life

Creating lasting memories

Watersports are a great way to spend time with the whole family – and with so many activity options, you’re bound to find something that everybody enjoys doing. You can venture out in a bunch of two-man kayaks, which even the grandparents can enjoy. The ability to navigate, coordinate your paddles and reach an end destination shouldn’t be underestimated as ways to to bond with family members. More independent examples of watersports include waterskiing, surfing or kitesurfing. Although they don’t involve upfront teamwork, they can still help family members cheer each other on and find common ground out of the water. 


The thrill of adventure and bonding

Not only can you bond over the teamwork element, but you can also get your adrenaline pumping. This creates excitement and trust while making you feel closer to those you’re sharing the experience with. Activities like this can help to boost self-esteem and even help keep feelings of anxiety or depression away. This can be hugely beneficial to the family unit as a whole.


Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Another obvious advantage of watersports – it’s exercise, but in disguise! You be surprised at how much energy and strength it takes to do even the simplest of watersporting activities. Your heart rate rises, and you’ll get plenty of endorphins rushing through your system. Plus, everyone will get a good night’s sleep. Aside from the physical benefits, it helps to reduce screen time, swapping it for valuable family time, which will do wonders for people’s mental health. To maintain these benefits, try to incorporate a regular watersporting schedule that works with your family’s lifestyle.

Do you and your family enjoy watersports? We’d love to know!


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