How out of the box thinking can save you money #5frugalthings

Oh my goodness this has been a very, very long week indeed but it has been a fruitful one with out of the box thinking to making and saving money.

Here ways I have made and saved this week


How out of the box thinking can save you money

  • I have co-authored a book Create Your Own Happy that came out last month and I am really wanting to get it out there in the world. I have no personal monies for PR so am writing lots of informative guest posts to get it seen on other peoples blogs. This is a really effective way for me to advertise it that is also cost-free.
  • I am also going to make a weekly series of happy vlogs which again will publicise the book at no extra cost. There is always a way! f I altready made a numb er of happiness vligs and i find it a fun thing to do soadouble win. You can subscribe to my youtube channel here
  • My son is saving to go to Malawi with school to help build and fund the building, a classroom. The cost of his contribution to the project is £3500. A fortune. But, he has been working hard and I have been helping him to get this fundraising started. I have been selling littlest pet shop characters on eBay. One sold for £5 this week..who would have thought it..we have been donated a lot of these by a savvy friend! Could be a winner.
  • We also did our first car boot sale of the year last week. He got up uber early and worked very hard but he was not a fan. I love the social side of car booting and the haggling. We raised a respectable £115.
  • A few of the things we were given to car boot looked a little ‘too good. So I have been selling them off via Amazon and eBay instead. £17 for a Winston Churchill DVD! We have now raised £350 towards his trip in just 1 month with a little out of the box thinking. We are both delighted.

So a haggly/hardworking/out of the box thinking ways to make and save here. You just have to try things sometimes dont you even if your ideas are a tad off.  How has your thrifty week been?

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  1. October 26, 2018 / 10:43

    Wow! Malawi!!!! The only school trip I went on was to Bognor! Times do change said the old girl…
    We’ll done on your fundraising so far.
    And I really hope your book does well – it sounds great. I’m glad it’s available on Kindle.

  2. October 26, 2018 / 11:10

    Well done to you and your son for raising so much already. That is a lot to pull together! Happy to feature your book on Shoestring Cottage. Got a couple of gift posts coming up for Christmas?

  3. October 27, 2018 / 11:10

    Congrats on the fund raising towards the Malawi trip, and good luck promoting your book!

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