How to Add Volume to Your Ponytail and Enhance Your Look

Looking to add volume to your ponytail?

By striving to determine which products and styling techniques are most suited to your hair type, it is possible to achieve your ideal look while limiting the amount that you spend over a prolonged period of time. If you have a ponytail, for example, you will need to identify ways of maximizing its volume and enhancing its versatility for everyday use. Consider the following steps as you look to create a desired, voluminous look for less: –

Tease your Hair at the Crown: Once you have applied some volumising spray to your roots, the next step is to tease your hair at the crown. This is crucial to adding introducing volume to your hair, so start by taking a one inch section of hair and inserting a fine tooth comb into it. Then simply push the comb down towards your scalp and create a fluid teasing action. This process should be continued until all of your hair has been treated.


Select the Perfect Height for your Ponytail: Believe it or not, the placement of your ponytail can either serve to enhance or downplay your facial features, so you must take great care when styling your hair. While low ponytails are effective at drawing attention away from the jaw or neckline, for example, those that are placed higher showcase these assets and create the appearance of volume. This tip is even more important if you useinvisible ponytails,as these products can be placed anywhere and have the capacity to suit several alternative looks.pony tail, volume to your ponytailSource: Hair by Miss tresses

Secure your Ponytail: If your ponytail is to maintain a lush and voluminous look, it must be secured firmly using a hair bungee elastic. In addition to holding your hair in place, these innovative products also protect the ponytail from wear, tear and damage, so you can maintain your impressive style throughout an entire day. As a finishing touch, be sure you spray your fixed ponytail lightly with hair product, as this will help to add an additional wow factor.


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