How to afford a new boiler

How to afford a new boiler

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Okay so who thinks about boilers when it’s boiling?

How to afford a new boiler

Well I do . I like to be ahead of the game money wise and that means planning for winter costs even though its summer time.

My current central heating system is erratic and old and needs replacing. I am convinced a new one would be worth the money and avoid huge repair bills. I have been doing some online research at Help-Link 

And was met there by Johnny Ball (well a video of Jonny!) who got me to type in what I pay for boiler cover and what I pay for gas. He reckoned a new boiler from Help Link would result in a £40 saving a month for me. Wow. You should give this feature a try, that is a really good saving.

You would also get a 10 year, manufacturer backed, warranty on all new boilers. This does sound really good, as well as monthly savings would give me peace of mind.

Have you any experience of Help-Link? I’d love to hear if you do.  99% of their customer rate their service as excellent apparently!

There are some great how to videos on their website such as

  • How to bleed a radiator
  • How to defrost a frozen condensate pipe

all very handy. This is definitely worth looking at if your boiler is ropey . Monthly saving at 30% make a huge difference

Also if you are in reciept of benefits you may be entitled to a new boiler under the Affordable Warmth scheme this is available if you own or rent so do check this out!

Winter will be here before we blink and financially its always best to prepare in advance.

Stay warm!




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