How to Artfully Arrange Your Ornament Collections

Let’s take a look at how to artfully arrange your ornament collections

How to Artfully Arrange Your Ornament Collections


How to Artfully Arrange Your Ornament Collections

Everyone needs a collection, and everyone has something they like to collect. Whether your passion is for collecting stamps, postcards, porcelain dolls or figurines, such as the popular Disney Britto range (explore the range of Disney figurines and accessories here), one of the biggest concerns most collectors share is how best to display their collections.

Collectors tend not to be minimalists, but that doesn’t mean that you must look like a hoarder. Instead you can use your collection to make an artful statement in your home. Here are our top tips to stop your beloved collection from looking like clutter, and to help you display them beautifully:


Grouping Your Collections

Grouping and colour coding your collection is a great way to increase their bold visual impact. If you collect porcelain doll ornaments, for example, you could group all the dolls with pink dresses together, all the dolls with green dresses together, and so on. If you collect Disney traditions by Jim Shore then grouping your ornaments into film categories is a great option (placing all your Beauty and the Beast ornaments on one shelf, for example, and the Winnie the Pooh ornaments on another). By dividing your collections into cohesive groups they will become less visually overwhelming, and you will make it much easier to appreciate the unique details and appeal of your collection.


Choosing the Right Display Case

Embrace the vertical space in your home and think outside the box when it comes to choosing the right display cases and cabinets for your collection. If you have filled every vertical space (such as windowsills, table tops and mantlepieces) then why not fill a feature wall with shelves and use this as a focal point for your room and a great way to display your collection. Not only will this free up your other surfaces, it will also make it much easier to see and enjoy the ornaments you collect. If you’re looking to lend your home a modern and minimalist feel then floating shelves are a great choice for this kind of vertical display.


If the pieces you choose to collect are relatively flat, such as clocks or records, then a gallery wall will have the same great visual impact and will help you to turn your collection into a piece of art that everyone can enjoy.


Group Ornaments in Odd Numbers

If you want to arrange your ornaments horizontally on a table or windowsill, always group them together in an odd number. Sometimes known as the rule of three, things arranged into odd numbered groups have been shown to be more appealing, visually effective and even more memorable than even numbered groups of objects.


This is one of the core tricks that interior designers use to make a home look more appealing, and it is one that it is incredibly easy to introduce in your own home. Try moving your ornaments around into odd numbered groups, and you’ll be amazed by how much better this simple change makes them look.


Play With Contrast

Are all of your ornaments white or light in colour? If you sit them on a white shelf against a white wall then they will simply disappear into the background, having minimal visual impact. Instead display your collection against a contrasting background to really make them stand out and pop. This could mean painting the wall, choosing a brightly coloured display cabinet, or even buying a purpose-built display board. Don’t be afraid of colour and don’t be afraid to be bold: white ornaments would look great displayed in a jet-black cabinet, for example, if you’re brave enough to choose one.


Choose Your Display Room Wisely

It can be tempting to display your collection all over your home, but often your collection will have more visual impact if you can limit the display to just one room. If you follow this rule of thumb then it’s important to choose your display room wisely: a small room full of ornaments will only look cluttered and overpowering. Instead add a feel of intimacy and charm to a larger room (such as your living room or dining room) by using it as the gallery for your collection. Not only will this provide a focal point for your room, it will also provide a fun talking point when friends and family come to visit. Collectables inject fun and personality into your space: why not put this on show!


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