How to avoid Black Friday #5frugalthings

Today – How to avoid Black Friday and 5 frugal things


Hey you – how’s your week been? I have my frugal things to share with you this week including my tips on how to avoid black Friday!

Mine is still full of cold and looming exams etc. Not been much fun truth be told. So when life’s like that I throw all my energy into seeking the happy.


Good mental health

It is very easy to throw money at your mental health thinking shopping or a new hair cut will make you feel better and it will – but only temporarily. Instead, I like to look for the good and change my mindset which I think has a much greater chance of raising my base happiness level. This week I am thankful for:

My very lovely friends who always have my back

Great friends who go along with my crazy ideas

My blessed and beautiful children who are rather extraordinary and of whom my heart burst with pride.

Life is okay really even when it is not.



Why don’t you have a go at a gratitude list I am sure it well help you figure how to avoid Black Friday – shopping isn’t the happiness answer.


Saving goals

I have set myself up a new little savings account for emergencies. I always protest I don’t have enough money for this but actually, I have started to believe it really matters. I aim to have £1000 in there by the end of Feb. I am going to do a fair few side hustles to fund this account starting with an eBay clothes purge. I will keep you posted. I have £200 put in it so far.


Make your own Christmas e-card

You really don’t need to. Why not hop onto pic monkey or canva and make your own personalised card instead then send it as an e-card. here is how I have made my own Christmas e-card. It saves you money buying cards and postage and it is better for the environment and time-saving! How perfect is that!



Keep control of Christmas Gifting

Really keep in mind that at Christmas your gift will probably be one of many that people receive. it is not their birthday a wither. Your gift does not in itself constitute their Christmas present. Something small/something homemade/ something preloved will go down a treat. Don’t overthink it and don’t get into debt for it.

I am whipping up a big batch of my easy shortbread recipe the week before Christmas and popping it in cute little tins and that will make up a lot of my gifts.



How to avoid Black Friday

I know that you can get some excellent bargains in the Black Friday Sale but you can also spend a whole lot you did not intend too also. I was after a new echo dot so popped on got one at a bargain £22 and quickly hot-footed it away. Seriously search for what you were going to buy anyway then STEP AWAY and go and do something else instead. This is after all a marketing ploy to make you SPEND not to save. How to avoid Black Friday? it’s simple just do not look!

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I hope you enjoyed my thrifty Friday thinking post and I hope you figured out how to avoid Black Friday

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  1. November 22, 2019 / 09:10

    Wouldn’t be without our Echo Dot, purchased last year on Black Friday. Other than that, I agree. Only buy stuff you actually need!

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