How to avoid High Street temptation using a prepaid card

How to avoid High Street temptation is a guest post by Daniel Somers

How to avoid High Street temptation



How to avoid High Street temptation using a prepaid card

 The temptation of the High Street at Christmas can prove all too much for many festive shoppers looking for cherished gifts for loved ones.

 However, an increasing number of people are being forced away by the overall expense of shopping in town and city centres.

 MasterCard® Prepaid’s Christmas Spending Survey revealed earlier this month a staggering £3.2 billion is spent across the country on unplanned purchases such as meals, transport and parking fees.


How to avoid High Street temptation at Christmas

Especially at Christmas it is far too easy to overspend your budget for presents. Let’s face it, we all want to make our friends and family happy at Christmas and as a result many of us overstretch ourselves with the greatest of intentions.

 However, there are ways and means of avoiding New Year debt. Prepaid cards are a growing consumer trend in the UK and could be a legitimate solution to the problems of families up and down the land.

 Prepaid cards are now one of the smartest, safest ways of managing and spending your money on the High Street. A prepaid card allows you to stay on top of your household finances as you can only spend what is preloaded onto your card; a perfect tool for Christmas budgeting!

 Many UK consumers are still concerned about the safety of their sensitive financial information when shopping online. However, the main attraction of a prepaid card is that it is not directly linked to any bank account and cardholders are much less likely to be affected by banking or identity fraud.

 As well as preventing you from accidentally spending over your festive budget, a prepaid card can also offer a host of additional discounts for High Street purchases. The market leading Pockit Prepaid MasterCard® rewards cardholders with exclusive cashback from some of the nation’s best-loved retailers, as well as much-needed discounts on home utilities to look after household pennies.

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The cashback may prove particularly valuable for mums and dads purchasing gifts for little ones, with up to 10% cashback available from such stores as ToysRUs, BabiesRUs, M&S and more.

 Most prepaid card providers also offer online account management, allowing you to keep track of your purchases and the outstanding balance on your card to avoid any potential embarrassment at the tills.

 Don’t get yourself weighed down with Christmas debt for the New Year. Try a prepaid MasterCard® today and keep more in your wallet.


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