How to babyproof your bathroom

Your baby has just started to walk and is getting into everything imaginable. This is why it’s really important to babyproof your house, especially the bathroom since there are so many hazards lurking in this one room. So how exactly do you make the room safer? Simply follow these tips for fewer worries the next time you’re in the bathroom with your baby.


Never leave your baby unattended

This is probably the most important rule when it comes to babyproofing the bathroom. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because you’re using a baby bath seat or a bath ring – these are not safety devices, and you still have to keep a close eye on your child. If the doorbell rings or you get a phone call, wrap up your baby and take them with you.


Lock the toilet

You may not have considered this, especially if you’ve got into the habit of putting the seat down every time you go, but curious kids may still be able to find their way in there. Despite the water level in the bowl not being particularly high, drowning is still a risk as even an inch of water could prove fatal. So to ensure no accidents happen, you can purchase a special toilet lock such as these here. Just make sure everyone in the household knows to use it.


Make the bathtub safer

Sticking a bathmat to the bottom of the tub is a great way to ensure there are no slipping accidents. Why stop there? Place some on the floor of the bathroom too to minimise the risk of your child falling when they get out of the tub soaking wet. Since taps are quite protruding and are easily knocked into, why not consider placing a guard over them to pad them? There are cool animal-themed options that go over the tap and keep your child safe should they fall in the tub. Another great invention is an anti-scalding device that can be installed on taps or alternatively you could set your water heater to a lower temperature (around 32°C is ideal) to prevent the water from coming out too hot. GROHE has a wide range of shower thermostats, which ensure that the water temperature and pressure remain the same so there are no nasty surprises.


Put electrical appliances away

Don’t leave hair appliances such as curlers or hairdryers lying around as kids could easily pull on the wire and burn themselves if the appliance is still hot. Make sure you unplug them and put them in a cabinet (preferably a locked one) when you’re done.


Keep hazards out of reach

Medicine should also be kept out of reach as well as under lock and key. This also includes products with safety caps, which are only child-resistant and not childproof. If you’ve made cleaning products yourself, whatever you do, don’t put them in drink bottles that your children might confuse with their own drinks. Razors shouldn’t be left out anywhere for obvious reasons, and if you throw them away, don’t use the bathroom bin as many kids love rooting around in there and could end up injuring themselves.


If you want to see how clued up you are about babies and childproofing, then feel free to take this quiz.



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