How to Become a Professional Trader

Have you ever wondered how to become a professional trader.

The trader is not a talent that you are born but you can have a god-gifted analyzing mind and which can help you with trading. But if you work hard then you can surely develop your analyzing and trading skill although you are not born with this talent. Learning to trade and put that learning in real-life trading is two different kinds of thing. So if you want to choose to trade as a profession then only learning about trading will not be enough. You can learn the basics about trading but for becoming a professional trader only learning the basics will not come in very handy. So in the following article, we are going to talk about the way of becoming a professional trader.

Basics of trading 

No matter in which profession you are in, you just need to know all the basic things about that profession. We divide the basics into two parts and they are normal basics and advanced basics. A good understanding of normal basics is needed if you want to learn the advanced basics. Normal basics can just help you to start trading but for becoming a professional trader you must need to have clear knowledge about advanced basics. The normal basics contain information about:

  • Which are the market where you can trade?
  • The reasons behind markets movements
  • What is bid and ask price?
  • What is spread?
  • Type of order you can place and how to place them?
  • The importance of risk management
  • How can you review your trades?
  • Minimum balance for starting trading

But when you are learning about these things you will find that in different sources the information is different and as a result, you just need to find the best one from that information. Like you can find some sources will suggest you start trading with $500 and some sources will ask for $1,000. In this case, no source is wrong because the more money you can invest in CFD trading industry, the more you can take the risk. So starting with a capital of $500 is ok but you can start with $1,000 or more according to your ability. So we can say both information is true but you just need to pick those which suit your trading style. 


How to Become a Professional Trader


Learning about advance basic 

After you have completed learning about all the normal basics of trading then you can move to learn advanced basics. This is when you choose a specific market when you want to and only start to dig deep about trading in that specific market. Like if you go for the Forex market then you have started from what is Forex to making a proper trading strategy according to your trading personality.

In this case, you will know about lots of variables that affect this market and also about several tools and indicators which will help you to find the trend of the market and potential trades. From here you will make a proper trading strategy that helps you to become a profitable trader. When you can say the reason behind a certain market movement then you can consider that you have completed learning about the advanced basics. 

How to Become a Professional Trader

Gaining experience

Before starting to trade with your full trading balance we will suggest all the traders should have some trading experience. Because only having bookish knowledge is not enough when you want to be a professional trader. For having experience in trading you can use a demo trading account which will be provided by your trading platform. By using a demo trading account you can gain real-life trading experience without risking any money and here you can test your trading strategy if it is working perfectly. Using a demo account helps you to gain confidence in your trading strategy which will be a help for you when you are trading with real balance.

So we hope this article will come in handy for you if you are trying to become a professional trader. 


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