How to Brighten Yourself Up – Mentally and Physically

Today – How to brighten yourself up

These dull grey winter days can really get me down. The daylight seems over before my kids are even home from school. It is cold, often rainy and the world lacks the colour of flowers, blue skies and green leaves.

I have been feeling those winter blues.



How to brighten yourself up

Never one to dwell on the negatives however I have a few plans up my sleeves, I need some colour in my life!


I am going to dress more brightly

I have been wearing blues and greys and black a lot recently and I have this theory that if I jazz up my clothes it may well jazz up my mood.


This Dickins and Jones pac a mac would chase off the rain and make me smile


I am going to fill my house with bright coloured flowers

How to Brighten Yourself Up


Tulips are everywhere at the moment and at just a couple of £’s they really are worth every penny. How cheerful they are and they remind me firmly that Spring is on its way.


 I am going to eat and drink more colourfully

I like carbs and winter warmers such as cottage pie and veggie sausage and mash, but they can make you feel sluggish and they aren’t so bright and cheery to look at, are they?

I need to be eating colourful plates of food, packed with vitamins and a visual feast…. and I need to be drinking fruity cocktails in beautifully vibrant cocktail glasses.

Loving this gin bramble recipe !



and how even prettier it would look in these cocktail glasses


How to Brighten Yourself Up



I feel brighter just looking at these pretty colours!

How do you cheer yourself up?


How to brighten yourself up is a collaborative post



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