How to Budget a Trip to Oman

today – How to Budget a Trip to Oman

Oman has recently become a hotspot for tourists as they can now enjoy the many wonders of this beautiful country. But, the question comes into play of how to travel to Oman on a budget. If your budget appropriately you can have a safe and enjoyable vacation. There is a lot of wonder and adventure to be had in Oman if you budget appropriately.



How to Budget a Trip to Oman

Travelling to Oman on a cheap budget is entirely possible.


Travel to Oman Budget Ranges

 Oman regularly processes US dollars, but you should become familiar with their currency, Rial. A typical traveller can live comfortably on about $36 a day, or 14 Rial. This price doesn’t include the visa or transportation expenses. But you can always save money when you get an Oman evisa ahead of time.

If you’re looking for mid-range accommodations and plan on eating a few more sit-down restaurants throughout your vacation, you might want to double your budget. You can stay at much nicer hostels or hotels and spend a little more on fun experiences for close to about $72 – $94 per day.

Finally, if you’re looking for a high-end experience with only the best hotels that have views of historical bazaars and sit on the beach, you need to plan for a much higher budget. Luxury is one of the things that Oman does very well. For an all-out vacation to Oman, you travel budget should be about $247 a day. That price is still very low compared to some other countries.

You can use a variety of budget tools online, or set up your travel plans through an agency to set a strict budget.


There’s More to See, and Less to “Do”

The great beauty of Oman is in the country itself. From sprawling dunes to lush Oasis destinations and clear beaches you can see a lot while paying for very little. Spend time on a busy day in a bazaar, and you’ll have free travel entertainment for hours.


Understanding Omani Rial

The conversion rate of Omani Rial can throw off many travellers. Currently, the exchange rate is 1 OMR equals 2.60 USD. Or for Euro users, 1 OMR equals 2.29 Euro. These conversions make it easy for travellers to think that they aren’t spending that much when in reality they are blowing through their travel funds.

Whenever travelling, you should always use a currency converter. Many apps will show the current exchange rate and help you and the vendor. But this travel habit is exceptionally important when you’re going to a country that has this type of conversion where a single monetary unit of this country’s currency equals multiple units of your nation’s money.


Be Open to Alternative Accommodations

Oman is just building up its tourist locations, and many areas of the country aren’t filled with hotels. This situation has backpackers flocking to Oman for once in a lifetime experiences. Alternative accommodations can include couch surfing and camping.

Couch surfing might sound scary to some new travellers, but if you’re seasoned, you’ll know that cultures throughout the rest of the world are very different than through Western civilization. Omani culture and the people there are very welcoming. Many people feel that it is a delight to have new guests.

Couch surfing is easy to plan in advance and on some website or apps you can see feedback from past visitors.

Camping is a great way to experience Oman. Camping in Oman is unique to camping anywhere else in the world as they have a rule that makes camping easy. If your setup your tent in the wild, meaning not within city limits or near a Wadi, you are compliant with the law.

Although you should bring your own camping gear, you might want to rent a car.  Buying gear and paying the extra baggage fee with save you money in the long run. You won’t be paying for hotels, and you won’t be stuck paying outrageous prices for camping gear in Oman.


Saving Money on Food

Food is the thing you can never do without when travelling. Oman is also a great place to experience authentic cuisine at very low prices. There are a few things to consider when saving money on food in Oman.

First, never eat in a touristy area. Second, never eat near a hotel. They figure that if you’re staying in a hotel you have money to spare, and they hike up the prices. Finally, always ask the locals first.

Even if a local doesn’t steer you to the cheapest establishment, they know which places serve food that fits the price tag.


Have fun on your travels

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how to budget a trip to Oman



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