How to build your own bed

Ther are lots of ways to BUY a bed in-store, online, preloved form a market place or from a friend but how about knowing how to build your own bed? Is that something you have ever even considered?

I’m not talking DIY bed building skills here although this is entirely possible if you are super handy and enjoy a bit or a lot of woodwork.

No, I am talking about building your own bed through creating a custom bed,  one that you have taken a hand in designing.


How to build your own bed



Why would you want to build your own bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, space and a place for you to rest your head and relax. And, unlike the other rooms in your house, it is a space only you and your family members get to see ( rather than visitors). In being a private space you can absolutely make it your own, the art you love, a bedspread you adore and a style that does not have to seamlessly fit with everywhere else in your home.

It goes without saying a store-bought bed may well not do your bedroom justice. You need a bed that is as unique and individual as you. This is why it is a great idea to build our own bed, just as you have built your own style into your private space.


Billys Beds

Billys Beds Australia is a company with a lovely mission behind their bed sales. 

Billy’s Beds is a bedhead business that makes your bed to order and enables you to build your own bed.


Step one – build your own bed


To start the process to build your own bed, you simply pick a base. They have a wide range of bases which include lift beds, beds with storage, adjustable beds and more. So, you can totally pick what works for you and your bedroom needs.


Step two build your own bed

After picking a base, you get to choose the custom bed head and these also come in a range of gorgeous styles


Step three build your own bed

For step three you simply choose a mattress. An array of mattresses are available to suit you and your needs and preferences.

And that is it that is how you build your own bed.


Billys Beds are a lovely company For every product they sell, they donate The Lost Dogs’ Home. And what is even cuter than that they named our curated range are named after some of their favourite pets. They also offer free shipping within Australia, and their products are all made to order and shipped to your door as soon as possible.


How to dress your bed

How you dress your bed is as personal as how to dress yourself.

You may want to follow trends or just totally choose what pleases you. I like a white simple duvet with matching pillows and a simple throw across the bed in a knotted wool. I love pastel colours in a bedroom too and shiny surfaces, so restful.



build your own bed


The bedroom is a room worth taking your time over, creating decor and scheme you love and building a bed that is us right for you


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