How to care for your tyres

Do you know how to care for your tyres?

It is something I admit that I rarely things about yet after having done a little research on the matter know that I absolutely should.

It is such important cargo I carry in my car …my kids! So I definitely need to be as safe as possible on our journeys. I also don’t want to have or cause an accident involving anyone else so keeping my tyres in good condition is vital and deserves attention.



Here are my 5 top tips on how to care for your car tyres


Know where to shop

Wherever you live it is really important to know where you can access good quality tyres at decent prices. If you are in Essex you can get good quality tyres from Elite Direct. Visit their Chingford tyres branch today


Use the right tyres

depending on where and how you drive you need to use the right kind of tyres. This could be weather or vehicle dependent and suited to how and where you drive. if for example, you are planning to drive a minivan around Europe all summer your tyre needs may be very different from a UK based driver who covers little distance. Do take expert advice on the right tyres for you.


Watch for wear and tear

Tyres should be replaced when they reach 1.6mm remaining in tread depth, Worn tyres can cause accidents in rainy weather and are much more likely to get punctures. Do keep an eye on this


Make sure the inflation is right

Inflation pressure needs to be right and it needs to be maintained. Underinflation is the main cause of damage to tyres and can easily be avoided. Overinflation makes your car stiff and difficult to drive.  It is recommended that you check monthly and you can find the right inflation pressure level for your car in your owner handbook or by looking up your car model on the internet.



Don’t overload your car

We have all done it haven’t we, packed for a trip and overfilled our car. Or perhaps we have had a clearout and stuffed everything in the boot as we head for the tip. Over-filling your car can put huge pressure onto your tyres and cause them damage and excessive wear and tear. If you need repair and service for your car, check out MOT station insurance which includes protection against liability claims and road accidents.

No one needs that , especially when it is so easily avoided.


So there you have it 5 simple car tyre care tips for you to make sure you are safe on the road.


 I do hope you have enjoyed this collaborative post on how to care for your tyres – you might also like my post on the top cars for first time buyers






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