How to Choose a Credit Card That is Right for You

How to Choose a Credit Card That is Right for You – do you know?

At the moment I am beginning to spend more money on my cards instead of just  paying with cash or my debit cardand this is pretty new for me.

I have always loved to use cash and to know exactly where I stand. My dad was a bookie and always dealt in cash . In fact in all his life he never had a bank account until he retired and then he had to have one but he hated it. He liked to feel smell touch and see money not have it hidden away. I think some of it rubbed off.

I have found now I am much better at budgeting and regularly manage to keep to my budget. I have learned the hard way being in debt is no fun at all and being organised with your money makes you MUCH happier than a quick shopping fix. Because of  that I can more confidently use a credit card.

Figuring out which credit card best suits my needs is an important part of using credit.  credit card comparison sites like are a really  good way to find a card with a long interest free period for balance transfers if that is what you are after. Cashback is something I am interested in so this would be  useful for me to consider when using a comparison site.

You have to figure out what is right for you don’t you, and I think different things are important at different ages and stages of your life. I feel comfortable using cards now and |I feel I can get some benefits from them. As a student I was rather impulsive and I had an American boyfriend. My overdraft took many a hammering.  Can you possibly imagine what damage I would have done to a credit card. My goodness that would have took some undoing!

At other times in my life, for example, when I bought my first home and had no furniture at all, my credit card was invaluable. Without it I would have been bed-less and sat on the floor!

So I think there is a time and place for credit cards and different cards offer different things. You have to work out what you want and need and what you can manage.

I always feel I should say when I talk about credit cards that simply getting a new card is not the way to manage debts. have a look her if you want some advice on  managing your debts




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