How to Choose a Home Security System Package that Suits Your Needs

LOet’s take a look today at how to Choose a Home Security System Package


How to Choose a Home Security System Package

Most security companies offer security packages with great equipment combinations. However, a lot of homeowners will always modify their home security in accordance to what they like and what they need.

The size, layout, and the numbers of rooms and entry points of your house are few out of a couple of aspects that you need to keep in mind before setting up security systems. Other than these, the following are other essential aspects that you need to know before choosing home security packages.


Door Protection

Typically, break-ins happen through doors. Count the number of entry doors, specifically those that are accessible from the outside. Also, include any doors in your attached garage. If you have a detached garage that is less than 100 feet away from your house, secure it with wireless home security.

A few homeowners keep valuable stuff in their garage, so it is highly recommended to secure and protect all the doors. For an electric garage, a tilt sensor will be fine. This sensor will only notify you whenever a door is left open. Do not worry; burglars find it difficult to force entry on an electric garage door.

If you are always away and want to access garage doors remotely, you may smart garage sensors. It is more of a smart home service, rather than a security service though. It also counts on internet connection.

Tilt sensors are more advantageous since it does not need internet connection anymore, yet it works with the same cellular communication as your security system in your house. That is why tilt sensors are considered as the safest type of communication with alarm monitoring stations.


House Type

Home security surveys claim that no average burglar will spend more than a minute to access a property. If your house is a multilevel home, it is recommended to focus more on protecting the first or ground floor. Intruders will not break in on an upper level in general; however, this does not mean that upper levels are not vulnerable.

A layout of a ranch type home does not need more equipment compared to a two-story house. If you are living in a  one-story building, you can use a combination of sensors when protecting your place.

Master bedroom is one of the prime targets of theft. This room and other bedrooms located on the bottom level should always have protections. You may place either window sensors or glass break sensors or both in the bedroom/s on the first floor of your house.


Motion Detector

Motion detectors are a cost-effective way to protect the interior of your home. With this, placement is an essential factor. There are two most important questions you need to ask yourself: Where will burglars most likely access my home? Where will they take exits?

Avoid mirrors and windows when installing motion detector, especially when facing the sensors, to avoid false alarms. For some reasons, you should keep from vents and extreme temperatures, as well.

If you have pets at home, a motion detector is not the best alternative. There are a lot of pet-sensitive sensors for small dogs, though. If you have pets weighing over 40 pounds, motion detectors are not recommended. Also, it is not suggested if you have cats as they are the common reason for false alarms.

When you are not always at home, motion detectors in the hallways are suitable for protection. Moreover, it is essential to ask for a professional to ask for best and effective placement. Security Baron’s review on Simplisafe will enlighten you the latter’s step-by-step advice from their security pros.

Glassbreak Sensors

Glassbreak sensors are great if motion detectors are not working well at your home, or you could use both for your home. These sensors tend to use the sound of breaking glass to turn on your alarm.


It is a hoax when you heard that one glass break could cover your entire home. It depends on the acoustics and the size of your house. Often, you need more glass break sensors to fill the same square foot area as a motion.


As it relies on sounds, the main disadvantage of glass break is that other loud noises can cause false alarms. Television noises and utensils falling from the kitchen could trigger the alarm. That is why other people do not use these sensors on living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens.



Cability and effectivity of a system are important than cost. If the equipment is not functioning well, you are paying too much. The importance of choosing the right service is equivalent to the significance of the cost of your protection, as well. Considering the long term benefits and the overall value of system design is necessary.


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