How to choose blinds for your family home

The end of my home makeover is in sight. Just the bathroom and our bedroom to go and I am running round putting finishing touches to all the rooms completed so far.

Sounds a quick and easy job doesn’t it but no! There is such an incredible choice of home furnishing and accessories out there  I can browse online for ages. Pinterest can consume me for hours looking at so many fabulous and fresh ideas.

At the moment I am thinking about blinds. Our current blinds are all about 10 year s old and have little marks frm the children or just ageing on them. The were  inexpensive and practical and we did the whole house when we got married. they are definitely ready for changing.

VELUX® have a fablous website full of great blinds and I have really enjoyed  looking  around it . What I love most about this brand are the innovations int heir blionds. I do like a product to work hard for me!

They have an energy blind that is just so much more than a blind, It has an insulation effect up to 21%. That’s pretty impressive buy itself but it also has a light dimming effect to make an attractive alternative to a blackout blind. How useful would that be!.

In their blackout blinds range VELUX blinds have 48 colour options and 3 modes of operation including solar. I love that idea!

I am loving this fabric for our landing as it’s neutral but still interesting

I like the textured white too. I’m not one for  strong window dressings I like subtle, fresh colours  that work well with any decor. I feel when you are looking for good value and making the most of your money  neutrals are a sound investment. You can alter your room but keep your window dressings in place ( even up to 10 years!)


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