How to choose the right Windows for you

I love windows of all shapes and sizes particularly round ones, sash one and stained glass ones.

Now there is probably important architectural information about which windows you choose for which home and actually all houses will have had the ‘correct’ corresponding window when first built. But if, like me, you are doing a house makeover you may actually want to pick entirely new windows. Which you choose can depend a lot on how they make you feel…here is how I respond to various types of windows.

Ordered and organised

Look at these lovely windows I found over at   AJ Windows and Doors Tewkesbury

they make me feel organised and  neat and I would probably feel I needed to keep my home that way too if I had these windows.

A little wild.

Sash windows to me always feel a little wild. They can be banged and slammed . You can easily throw a bucket of water out of them and they make me think of rowdy Tudors!


Some windows make me feel nostalgic  like these rose design leaded windows sold by  Elite Windows

My grandparents had a couple of bits  f leaded glass in a a few of their windows and I really loved them. Whay I like most were their rich colours and the way the sunlight shone through making rainbows on the carpet.


No pun intended…stained glass windows in churches make me feel reflective. I look at the stories or symbols they are depicting and I reflect on their meanings. They are storybased art at its best.


Georgian windows are traditional and stylish and feel very safe to me somehow.

They make me feel I am in a secure, classy environment.

Homes exude character don’t they and I think windows are like the eyes looking out of a home. It is really important they are right for you. My advice is if you are planning to replace your windows shop around, don’t just go with what was there before!



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