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cluttered garage

Top tips on how to clear your cluttered garage

Do you long to know how to clear your cluttered garage?

Do you have a cluttered garage? If you are sat thinking oh yes that’s us and it’s a nightmare then don’t worry. You are absolutely not alone. Despite parking being a major problem for people there are many, many Brits who could not possibly park their own car in their own garage.

So let’s look at the facts about cluttered garages.

When did you last clear your garage out?

In a bid to free up more parking spaces across Britain, Safestore, the UK’s largest provider of self-storage are encouraging the owners of Britain’s most cluttered garages to think about the hidden value that this space holds for them.

Their figures show that 43% of us haven’t cleared the garage out in three years, ahem, thats rather a lot of you then isn’t it?  I cannot include myself in this number ..not because I am super tidy, simply because I do not have a garage!

Is your garage full of useful stuff?

Be honest with it? Or are you just using it as storage for things you no longer use?  According to Safestore’s research 65% of us have garages full of unused items (furniture and old children’s items being the most popular)  I have to say this sounds a lot like my loft.  My tip would be to dedicate a day and be ruthless bag things for the charity shop/tip/to giveaway and get them gone. Then, think long and hard about what to do with the rest? Apparently, 50% agree that their garages are full of “a lot of junk” Is yours?

What should you do with all your garage clutter?

Do you really want it in your garage? Nope, of course not,  be ruthless! You may be able to make some money out of some of it. Why not get it on Gumtree or eBay or do a car boot sale and release the hidden value in all that clutter instead!

If your garage clutter is not just junk but actually contains some treasures you may want to think about storage in order to reclaim your garage space.

Now isn’t it time you sorted out your garage?


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I hope this post on how to clear your cluttered garage has proved useful!


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