How to create an outdoor living space

One of the big trends set to hit 2016, is the increase in outdoor living following a surge in sales in 2015 for outdoor living furniture and equipment. What do we mean by this? Many more people are choosing to spend their leisure time away from the TV and living rooms and more time in the garden; where you can actually install TV’s and music stations. Yes, we’re not joking!

But what is the best way to create an outdoor living space for your home?

Outdoor living experts, YourGazebo have many years experience in this area and have a few key ideas to make this all happen in your home.


It’s all about the accessories
The modern trend in 2015 was about bringing the indoor, outdoor. Nothing represented this more than actually seeing the range of accessories that were being used to give the look and effect of the indoor, outside. If you want to enjoy al fresco dining in your outdoor space, consider adding an outdoor kitchen, a grill, and some drawers for your grill accessories to keep your area organized.

Think lighting, such as ornate candle holders, hangers for decorations and the big one, textiles!

Yes, textiles were all the rage for 2015 and we’re likely to see more of the same for 2016, where they will have more waterproof coatings, but more importantly, colour to make you consider style and design.


Focal points are a must
You can’t have a styled garden without some sort of focal point. Without a focal point, you won’t feel as warm inviting, leading people to not enjoy the outdoor experience as much.

Great focal points have been the inclusion of seating areas in the past, especially covered off areas like gazebos but if you wanted to actually bring out some drama to the area, fire pits, which are contained in a wrought iron fencing really provide a spectacular point of reference to any garden layout.

Finally, it comes back to textiles, but these can be the make or break of a great focal point. By adding colour and texture, they make outside living spaces feel like an indoor experience all over.


Depending on how much time you want to spend outside, in your space, you will want to purchase outdoor lighting. There are loads of options available, it all depends on the preferences you have. Simple off the wall lighting is always a great option, but if you want to make your outside living space a little more, romantic, chain lights and candles (obviously away from each other) are a great option.

Lighting will however require power sources in most cases, unless of course natural and a great way to utilise sunshine in the day for the evening would be to install solar lights around your living areas so that you get the best of both day and night in your outside living environment.


Add furniture
Furniture has already been mentioned, but by adding outdoor furniture not only are you creating a focal point, you are also giving yourself somewhere to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the best things you can do though, before you even purchase any furniture is to actually measure your garden. From there, you can plan your areas accordingly.

Now consider the type of furniture, what materials they are made from and how it will fit into the overall look, design and feel for your living space. From here, you can start to get a sense on the final look and finish for your home, and how this will incorporate into your outdoor living area.



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  1. May 12, 2019 / 08:14

    Good tips! Another that I’d like to add is nothing beats a huge old shady tree.
    If you don’t have one, plant a few fast growing species trees. In 5-10 years you’ll be really glad you did.

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